8 Steps to Setup a Digital product in ClickBank to Make Money

I have seen many products come and go throughout the years on ClickBank, but I want to be one of the first to create a product with actual staying power.  Selling the digital product through ClickBank is one of the best ways to quickly get exposure and sales for the product. Within a few business days, we can be up and running and have the product promoted by our huge network of affiliates in ClickBank!.

8 things to consider before launching a product on ClickBank:

  1. Think of a product we want to create
  2. Do market research to make sure that the niche is not over saturated, and make sure there is the demand for the niche in the market.
  3. Think of a title, description and buying keyword and domain registration for landing pages
  4. Create the product with solution for the customer problems.
  5. Make sure there is a graphic design in the sales page which gives more attention to the customer.
  6. Start pre promotions for the product and recruit affiliates, they will be the primary engine of sales funnel.
  7. Capture affiliate and customer emails via opt-in lists on the sales page or squeeze pages use good templates for landing pages.
  8. Watch the ClickBank gravity system to make the product in the top of the list.
ClickBank Marketplace for Product launch

ClickBank Marketplace for Product launch

Once you have created your digital product now we are ready to launch the product with ClickBank marketplace.  Here we have 8 easy steps for setup as a product in ClickBank marketplace.

  1. Sign Up with ClickBank as vendor
  2. Create a Pitch Page (sales) and Thank You Page
  3. Make a Payment Link
  4. Setup My Site Information in ClickBank Account
  5. Complete My Products Information in ClickBank Account
  6. Test the Payment Link
  7. Request the Product Approval
  8. Pay One-Time $49.95 Activation Charge

1. Sign Up for a ClickBank Account

Before joining ClickBank, please make sure to read our Client Contract Product Requirements, Accounting Policy, and Return Policy. Click here to sign up for a free ClickBank account now.

ClickBank Signup Page

ClickBank Signup Page

2. Create a Pitch Page and Thank You Page

To sell a product through ClickBank, we will need our own website, including web hosting and a registered domain name. We cannot sell a product through ClickBank using a web page hosted on free sites, and ClickBank does not provide hosting for web pages or websites.

We must create two pages in our website that are used to sell the digital product ClickBank marketplace The twp pages  are ClickBank Pitch (Sales) Page and a Thank You Page.

The Pitch (Sales) Page for ClickBank product

The Pitch Page is used to describe the digital product to the potential customers and convince them to buy the product. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘sales page.’ When customers are ready to buy the product they click on a ClickBank payment link on Pitch Page. Checkout different sales page templates.

It will direct the visitors to the ClickBank order form, where customers can place their order. In addition to the ClickBank payment link our Pitch (Sales) Page must included the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the digital product.
  2. The cost of the product.
  3. For recurring billing products, be sure to clearly state all the details of the re-bill schedule, including the number of times a customer is billed, and how frequently they will be billed. For example, you should say, ‘Your initial charge will be $47.95. You will then be charged $9.95 per month for the next 12 months.’
  4. Give the file format of our product, as well as any particular software required to use it (e.g., Adobe Acrobat or etc.).
  5. If your product is only useful to customers in a particular geographic region or country, be sure to say so.
  6. How the product will be delivered and product delivery time
  7. For recurring billing products, explain how the product will be delivered, and how often.
  8. Include an email address, a link to your email address, or a contact us link on your Pitch Page for product support.

All statements made on the Pitch Page are subject to ClickBank’s Client Contract and Product Requirements.

The Thank You Page setup

ClickBank Thank You Page URL

ClickBank Thank You Page URL

The Thank You Page is the page customers will see after they purchase of the digital product. Customers will only see this page if their purchase has been approved and the payment processed. In addition to thanking the customer for their purchase, your Thank You Page must include the following information:

  1. Customers must be able to reach product owner for technical assistance after the purchase. So include an email address, a link to your email address, or a contact us link on your Thank You Page.
  2. A reminder to the customer that his or her credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM, rather than a reference to your specific product.
  3. Clear instructions on how to download or access the product, or information on how and when it will be delivered to them.

 3. Make a Payment Link in Sales page

When a customer is on your Pitch Page and ready to buy your product, you need to provide them with a payment link that sends them to the ClickBank order form, where they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction.

Once the payment is approved, the customer is taken to a page hosted by ClickBank that confirms their order by providing them with a unique receipt number. Customers are then prompted to click a final link that takes them from this confirmation page to your Thank You Page, where you provide them with the information detailed above.

ClickBank Sales Order Page

ClickBank Sales Order Page

You’ll need to manually create the payment link to send customers to the order form, and then insert this payment link in HTML code on your Pitch Page. Put the HTML code for your payment link in the following format:


Here is a sample of what the HTML code would look like:
<a href=”http://ITEM.VENDOR.pay.ClickBank.net” target=”cb”>CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE</a>
You must customize this HTML code to link to the order form for your specific product:

  • Replace ITEM with the item number of the product for sale. As you set up products to sell in your ClickBank account, each product will be assigned a unique number: 1, 2, 3, etc. If you are setting up your first product, the item number is 1.
  • Replace VENDOR with your ClickBank account nickname.
  • If you want, you can replace CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE with any text you prefer, or if you are familiar with HTML you can insert code to make the payment link an image.

4. Setup My Site Information in ClickBank Account

Setup a HopLink Target URL

One of the biggest benefits of being a ClickBank vendor is having access to huge affiliate network. Affiliate link is also known as a HopLink and “hop” over to your Pitch Page to make a purchase.

The first step to taking advantage of our affiliate network is specifying the URL where affiliates should send potential customers, which we call the HopLink Target URL. Typically, the HopLink Target URL is the same URL as your Pitch Page, although this is not always the case.

To designate a HopLink Target URL, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your ClickBank account
  2. Click the Account Settings tab
  3. Click on My Site
  4. Click Edit to the right of the Marketplace Information section
  5. Enter your HopLink Target URL in the top field (note: you can also edit your HopLink Target URL at any time by using this screen)
  6. Enter Marketplace Information

Enter Marketplace Information

After you’ve completed the HopLink Target URL, fill out details about your product to display in the ClickBank Marketplace. An accurate Marketplace description will help affiliates to find your product and can convince them to promote it.

If for any reason you do not wish to utilize the ClickBank affiliate network, you do not need to fill out this information. First, enter a Marketplace Title, which can be up to 70 characters long. Then enter a Marketplace Description of your site or product, which can be up to 250 characters long.

ClickBank My site Information

ClickBank My site Information

Next, specify the commission you will pay to affiliates if they successfully send a buying customer to your site. Please note that this commission rate applies to any one-time, digital products you sell, and to the initial sale of a recurring billing product. You can set different commission rates for physical products, one-click upsell offers, and rebills for recurring billing products.

On each affiliate-driven sale, this commission rate is taken out of the remainder left after ClickBank’s payment processing charges have been assessed.
Finally, choose the category and subcategory that best describes your product or site and click the Save Changes button.

If you are selling recurring billing products, you will also choose a Product Title and a Product Description for each product sold through your account. The Product Title and Product Description will appear on the ClickBank order form for each individual recurring billing subscription. The Product Title and Product Description will not appear in the ClickBank Marketplace.

5. Complete My Products Information within Your Account

To enter important information about your product, such as the location of your Thank You page and your suggested retail price, click on the My Products link under the Account Settings tab.

ClickBank My Product information

ClickBank My Product information

Choose whether you’d like to create a Standard Product or Recurring Billing Product by clicking on the appropriate tab, then click on Add New Product on the right side of the page. Enter the following information, based on which type of product you’re creating.

Standard Products:

  1. The web address (or URL) of your Thank You Page
  2. The item number of your product; this value can be alphanumeric
  3. The suggested retail price of your product,which is subject to ClickBank approval

Recurring Billing Subscriptions:

  1. The web address (or URL) of your Thank You Page
  2. The item number of your product; this value can be alphanumeric
  3. Product Title (up to 70 characters; will appear on the ClickBank order form, not in the ClickBank Marketplace)
  4. Product Description (up to 250 characters; will appear on the ClickBank order form, not in the ClickBank Marketplace)
  5. Suggested Initial Price and Rebill Price (subject to ClickBank approval)
  6. Frequency (how often the customer will be billed)
  7. Duration (total number of times the customer will be billed over the life of your product, including the initial charge, even in the case of a trial purchase)

Once you’ve completed this information, it’s a good idea to add a Product Title and a Product Image. You can add the latter by clicking on My Images under Account Settings, then clicking Add New Image. Your product image will be shown on the ClickBank order form. Products with images tend to convert better than products without them.

Since ClickBank products are digitally delivered, many vendors create “virtual images” of the products by having an image of a book cover with their eBook’s title on it, or an image of a box of software for a software package, etc. Please note that images we submit will need to be approved by the ClickBank’s Business Services before they are live.

6. Test Your Payment Link

Before submitting your product for approval, you must first place a test order for your product as if you were a customer. That way, you can make sure all of your links are working before potential customers try to buy. Testing your payment link also helps ensure your product is approved the first time by ClickBank’s Business Services.

To make a test purchase, you’ll need to use test credit card details that ClickBank provides to you. You will not be able to place test orders using a real credit card number for products that have not been submitted or approved.
To get this test credit card information, click the My Site link under the Account Settings tab. If you’ve created a product in the My Products tab, you should see a box near the bottom of the My Site page called Testing Your Products.

Test Payment purchase

Test Payment purchase

Next to Test Credit Card Number, click Generate New Card Number. This will create a credit card number, expiration date, and validation code you can use to place test orders. This card information will be valid for 24 hours, after which time it will expire and will no longer be usable for test orders.

Note: If you need to change the test credit card information for any reason, you can click Edit on the right side of the box, and then click Generate New Card Number. This will disable the old test credit card information so it can no longer be used to place test orders for your product. Take note of the test credit card information, or leave the information open in your Internet browser.

To make a test purchase, go to your Pitch Page and click your payment link or Buy Now button as if you were a customer. On the ClickBank order form, enter any address information you want, along with the test credit card information we provided on the My Site page.

Once the order is submitted and approved, continue the order process as if you were a customer, to ensure you can access or download your product. It’s important to make sure you can access the product, as our Business Services will test this before approving your product for sale.

If you receive errors during a test purchase, here are some things to check:

  • Is your payment link set up correctly?
  • Is your ClickBank nickname spelled correctly?
  • Did you enter the test credit card information correctly?
  • Do you have the correct item number listed in the payment link?
  • Have you saved your Thank You Page URL in the My Products section of your account?
  • For additional information, please see Creating a Payment Link.

7. Request Product Approval

Please note that once a recurring billing product has been approved, you cannot change any details for that product, such as price, description, etc. Before submitting a recurring billing product for approval, please verify that all of your product information is correct.

Before you can start selling your product with ClickBank, it needs to be approved by ClickBank’s Business Services. Once you’ve completed the steps above, you can submit a product approval request by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your ClickBank account
  • Click on the Accounts Settings tab
  • Click on My Products
  • Click on the Request Approval button under the Action column for each product that you want to submit for approval
  • Verify that the information on the Request Product Approval form is correct, and answer the required questions on the form
  • Click Submit Product Approval Request, which will send your request to ClickBank’s Business Services  for review
ClickBank Approval request

ClickBank Approval request

If you have submitted your request correctly, the Status column will change to Approval Requested for the product that is awaiting approval. Once your product has been approved, the Status column will show Approved. You will typically receive the results of your request within three to five business days, via email.

8. Pay One-Time $49.95 Activation Charge

Once you receive the approval email for your first product, you will need to pay your one-time $49.95 activation charge. You’ll receive instructions from Business Services on how to log in and pay the activation charge.

You can pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, or money order. Once your payment has gone through successfully, your site status on the My Site page will change to Activated, and you can begin selling your approved products. Please note that you cannot pay the activation charge until your product has been approved and you have received notification from Business Services.

Advanced users: If you would like to delay your Marketplace listing until a specific date (for example, if you have a scheduled “launch date” for your product) you can wait until the day before you wish to launch to pay your activation fee. Once your product is activated, it will be live in our Marketplace within 24 hours.


Once your product is activated, it will be listed in the ClickBank Marketplace and ready for affiliates to promote. You can also begin accepting orders through the ClickBank Order Form.
This article gives the details about how to setup a digital product in ClickBank marketplace. It contains 8 things to consider before launching a product on ClickBank and 8 easy steps for getting setup as a product in ClickBank marketplace.
Once you have finished all these 8 steps now the digital product in live. The ClickBank affiliates are ready to promote the digital product with their promotional methods. The affiliates get paid by the ClickBank for each sale they have made.
No need to worry about the affiliate payment methods in ClickBank. It will processed automatically by the ClickBank network. Share your experience in comments section.

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