7 Types of WordPress Plugins Needed for All Category Blogs

Plugins are the important part of WordPress. It will extend the functionality of WordPress CMS into the next level. These plugin developments always give a direction to move the WordPress in future. Install a plugin to your WordPress blog is very easy.

How to install WP plugins?

Go to WordPress admin Dashboard. Here we have ‘add new’ link under the plugins section. Just click on the link it will get into a plugin installation page. Here we can search the plugins from the plugin directory or we can upload the zip file directly.

WordPress plugins directory has numerous plugins to expand the function of open source WordPress in to any extend which we can’t imagine.

Once we found the plugin in the directory just click the install button before that check the compatibility of the plugin version with WordPress because some of the plugins may not compatible with updated version of WordPress. It may harm to our site database.

Now install the plugin by clicking install link. After the successful installation it will ask for activation Just activate the plugin. That’s it now you will have the plugin configuration settings under the settings tab or separate section in WordPress dashboard it depends on the plugin coding.

But when we install a plugin we may have new http request for style sheet it may slow down your page loading time. So every WordPress blogs should used necessary plugins instead of use best WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins vs Necessary Plugins

When we Google about best WordPress plugins we may find best WordPress plugins lit or top WordPress plugins list. Do you feel is this necessary for your blog?.

Not at all. The top plugins in WordPress won’t help to improve your blog performance actually more number of plugins will reduce the site performance. Instead of searching top plugins find necessary basic plugins for you blog from the aspect of Search Engine Optimization and Security.

The other category of plugins will be chosen based on your blog content nature and content delivery methods like image or video. If your blog targeted traffic has different nature then top WordPress plugins won’t help you.

WordPress plugins Need for All Blogs

The plugins belong the below categories are essential for any type of WordPress blog.

  • SEO Plugins
  • Security and Backup plugins
  • Mobile Plugins
  • Contact form plugins
  • Newsletter Plugins and
  • Social sharing plugins
  • Related Posts and Ad management Plugins

These seven category plugins applicable for all category WordPress blogs

1. SEO plugins for WordPress

Search engine optimization is the major part of blogs checkout my basic WordPress SEO tips for blogs. Every WordPress theme should not have inbuilt all in one SEO pack options in their settings like thesis WordPress theme.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO Plugins for WordPress

All in One SEO Pack

It is most wanted SEO plugin. It will automatically optimize titles for search engine.  It has options to overwrite Title tag, Meta description and Meta keyword options for all posts and pages. It also has canonical URLs options for the posts and pages.

Most recommended by all WordPress users. Some premium themes have this plugin option in its settings. It is recommended to install only if your theme dost have all in one SEO pack options.

Download ALL in one SEO Pack Here

Google xml Sitemaps

Second important plugin for SEO. This plugin generate XML sitemaps which contains all your blog urls. The priority setting will guide you how often you need to generate this xml sitemap. It will generate Xml sitemap which support Google, yahoo, Bing and major search engine.

Once you submitted the sitemap in search engines it will automatically updated the sitemaps. This plugin is useful for blog URLs faster crawling and indexing by the search engines.

Download Google xml Sitemaps Here

Automatic SEO links

One among the required SEO plugins for all WordPress site link building. This plugin mainly used in link building within the site. No need to add titile, anchor text and rel tag (nofollow, noindex) manually while adding links. Just enter the URL, anchor text, rel and Title it will automatically create links in your blog for the particular keyword.

Download Automatic SEO links here

These three plugins are most recommended for all WordPress Blogs other than these plugins we need to choose the SEO plugin according to our blog nature and content delivery methods.

2. Security and Backup Plugins for WordPress

These pluging are necessary to save the blog from online spammers and hacker. Security plugin is to prevent the spam comments and links from the online users, Backup is necessary to restore your blog if a case your blog gets hacked by online professionals.


WordPress by default it comes with anti spam plugin called akismet. It will protect your blog prom the spammers and gives the stats about the spam appearance to your blog.

Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress increases thе security οf уουr WordPress installation bу removing error information οn login pages, adds index.html tο plugin directories, hіdеѕ thе WordPress version аnd removes the update information like theme ,plugin from the non-administrators so it will be more secure.

Download Secure WordPress here

Backup Buddy

It is best backup plugin from pluginbuddy. This plugin will backup your entire WordPress site, themes, plugins and SQL databases. Restore process of the backup buddy is simpler just upload the backup data with one simple php script provided in the plugin.

It will restore the entire WordPress site with theme and plugins. This plugin is much more useful when we do migration of blogs and during the time of hosting server change. This plugin has also useful when we construct WordPress multisite.

Download Backup Buddy Here

3. Mobile Plugins to Transform Blog to Mobile Device

Now a days there are number of responsive WordPress theme are available in online. These responsive theme adjust the layout as per the external device connect to browse the site. If your site don’t have responsive theme then you defiantly need a WordPress mobile plugin. This Mobile plugins converts your WordPress site to mobile version to the mobile internet users.


It will automatically transform your WordPress website into an mobile compatible site with application-like theme, articles and effects when viewed from mobile web browsing devices. For example the iPhone, iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry OS6 mobile devices.

Download Wptouch here

4. Contact Form plugins for WordPress

Contact form plugins necessary for WordPress sites we can use any one contact from plugin among the two 1. Contact form 7 another one is gravity forms.

Gravity forms

It is another paid plugin for contact from which has more features to use the form. We can easily build and design contact forms using the form editor in gravity form. Just select the form fields configure options, and we can embed forms at any places of the WordPress site using the tools available in the gravity forms. We can use the file attachment in the gravity forms.

Best Contact Forms

Gravity Forms

Download Gravity forms plugin here

Contact form 7

This is a usual WordPress directory plugin for contact form because it allows you to define every form fields from your own. You can add the form field titles, radio buttons for selection. It also has CAPTCHA and Akismet support to prevent from the spammers and we can add own custom css fro the form we have chosen in contact from 7 CSS.

Download Contact from 7 here

We should use any one of the above two contact form plugins.

5. Email Subscription and Newsletter Plugins

Newsletter plugins are not necessary if you are using aWeber or Mailchimp auto responders for for building email list in your blog. If you are not used any auto responders then the best way to use email or neletter subscription plugin like WP subscribers or pop up domination plugin.

WP Subscribers

Pup up forms play major role in email list building. WP subscriber provides pop up option for all for building email list. It also provides email newsletter service via WP subscriber we can find the stats of the newsletter send and subscription details. We can generate split test among the subscription form available in the WP subscriber and we can design the form with various form fields.

Download Wp Subscribers here

6. Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Social sharing plugins are very important for any blog post especially twitter, facebook and google plus. Other then these three plugins we need to share all our blog content in social book marking sites like dig, delicious, stumble upon and etc. So we need to use one social sharing plugin which has all of these options.

Sociable for WordPress 3.0

This plugin has provides all options to social sharing and bookmarkis site buttons. We can choose the site buttons per our wish.

Download Sociable for WordPress 3.0 here.

7. Related Posts and Ad management Plugins

Apart from the six category plugins we need another two category plugins for all WordPress site one is related posts plugins for SEO purpose and another one is ad management plugins for monetization purpose.

YARPP – Yet another related post plugin is recommended one to display on your blog. It has options to choose related posts based on tag, category and post content priorities.

Download YARPP here

Ad management plugin

Every blog has ads in sidebar ad in its post area. We have number of category post in our blog with different type of content so we need to use proper ads in proper location of the blog. Here we are in need of ad management plugins.

AdRotate – It is best ad management plugin for WordPress for affiliate banners, adsense and buysell ads. We can also do split test in same ad spot with different ads. Split test done with ratio of impressions.

Download AdRotate here.

8. Other WordPress Plugins for your Blog

The above seven category plugins are must need plugins for any type of blog other than these plugin based on our blog content and content delivery method we need some more plugins to our blog. Example basically we have three types of content delivery, text, image and video based on these we need to choose SEO plugin for your blog based on the content delivery method.

Content nature may be the blog is E-commerce, or Technical news blog, or Design blog, or Corporate blog we need to choose plugins according to our blog content nature.

Here I listed some category plugins which will be must need with respect to the nature of the blogs.

For different content delivery methods,

  • Image SEO plugins
  • Light box plugins for Image
  • Slider plugins
  • Gallery plugins
  • Video lightbox plugins
  • Video embed blogs
  • Video and image sitemap plugins

These are the plugins are useful for the blogs which has more importance for image and video in their blog.

W3 Total cache – This plugin is preferred for all type of blog to improve the site performance. ie) To Faster page loading time.

W3 total cache will cache the unmodified pages in your blog and improve the page loading time.

Download W3 total cache here.

From the type of blog content nature we also need the blow category plugins.

  • Membership plugins
  • E-commerce plugins
  • Autoblogging plugins
  • Affiliate plugins
  • Adsense Plugins
  • Coupon Code plugins
  • Directory plugins
  • eBay plugins
  • amazon plugins
  • FAQ plugins
  • Review plugins
  • Job board plugins
  • Price comparison plugins
  • Rating plugins
  • Shopping cart plugins
  • Landing Page plugins
  • Podcast plugins
  • Music player plugin and more.

These are the plugins we needed based on our content nature and delivery method.


Choose the plugin which necessary for your blog, Don’t install all the top 15 plugins in your blog it will reduce the site performance. If you install more plugins each one at least have one http request for style sheet it will slow down your site while loading.

So use necessary plugins from the seven categories SEO, security and backup, Mobile, Contact form, Newsletter, social sharing, related posts and Ad management plugins. Other plugins are chosen to your blog based on your blog content nature and content delivery method.

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