Why New Product Launch Process is in Failure – 50 Reasons

Own product development and launch is the ultimate aim for every business people. The time you have launched your first product successfully, the dream comes true. But the first successful product launch is not at all an easy task. We need to come across some failure to get to the perfection of the product launch. Here I have 50 reasons for the failure.

Even though we have created a good product with excellent features, sometimes it may not reach the market successfully. We have spent more hours creating a perfect digital product. There are several reasons we have a product launch becomes unsuccessful.


Product launch Failure

Product launch Failure

One of the biggest problems immediately comes to mind is the lack of preparation. Many product owners and product launching organizations so focused on creating and designing their product. They give total effort to creating the product and come to the market too late.

The time and trend for product launch in the market place play the significant role in product launch. I listed 50 reasons for the most product launch failure with my experience on three product launches at Fourblogger.com first one fourbloggerclub, which is not active now. The second one thesis designer guide ebook launch, and the final one is the thesis skins at Fourblogger skins.com.

Many product owners have found the solution for the product launch failure for the next new product launch or re-launching the same product. It depends on the post-launch analysis of the product. Check out the own product launch process to sell product in the market.

Causes for the product launch failure can be categorized in three parts.

Here I have separated Problems in product launches and its failure reasons into three parts based on time during the launch process.

  • Mistakes Before the Product launch
  • Mistakes During the Product launch
  • Mistakes After the Product launch

Mistakes Before the product launch

Pre-Launch Failure

1. Failed to do market research to create a new product. We don’tdon’t know how many customers need the solution for the problem our product can solve.

2. How many people ready to pay for the solution for their problem in the market.

3. Fail to narrow down your niche product development in the competitive area. We can’tcan’t offer a solution for the broader problems from a single product. So we need to pick one problem for developing the product.

4. No proper planning on the cost of product development. We used most of the money to create the product Only a small amount used for the remaining thing like launch, market, andsellthe product.

5. Our product has exciting features, but we don’tdon’t express it in the market place.

6. We need to focus most significantly on the product in the headline, which gives an emotional response from the customer. We failed on this.

7. If our product created in the new category from the ordinary, we need to educate the customer about the category before launching the product.

8. The affiliate does not believe in your product we have created. I.e.) It doesn’t mean that our product is not worthy. We need to give clear information about the product to the affiliates and the people who promote our product.

9. Try to sale the product in a broader range of the customer in the competitive niche market.

10. The product development and execution of the launch has delayed for a reason. So the product launched in wrong trends.

11. The product was not tested inside the organization by pre-pre launch and failed to collect feedback.

12. Failed to correct the feedback from organization peoples. And the pre-launch the product again to limit customer in a particular area and getting feedback from them before the mail product launch.

13. Failed to offer instant support in three forms text, voice and video, without delaying customer response for the pre-sale questions.

14. The salesperson will not be educated about our product fully. They lack to delivers our product value to the customer.

15. Marketing plan was created by the product developer without knowledge of the market trends.

16. We need to provide a proper product description depending on the media we want to promote our product. The product description is unclear for different types of promotion media.

17. Spending more time to market our product in secondary Media. We need to prioritize our marketing sources like website, blogs, and social media.

18. Crating a product without a promotion plan and timing to market the product.

Mistakes During the Product launch

19. Overestimated by the customer and under-delivering by the product.

20. Product launched without any indication to the public. We did not create the buzz during the pre-launch.

21. Failed to respond to all customer issue. Take time to respond to all customers with the first-in, first-out method.

22. Product launched at the same time in a wide range of customer. We need to launch the product to targeted people, say, for example, we need to launch the product to our email list at least some hours before the main launch.

23. Product launched with hesitation about the number of sales.

24. The supply for the product insufficient for the support team.

25. The test launch targeted the wrong customer and delaying the leading product launch.

26. Over promised by the product promoters and under-delivered by the product.

27. Product given to limited trial and retail without any public customers and no promotion made for the product’s trial.

28. we did a product launch without having any backup data for the product.

29. Failed to document the product launch process and product development process.

30. Our product doesn’t match the critical point of selling.

31. Product has no trained people to communicate with the affiliates and other people who promote our product.

32. Product launch budget is insufficient to promote the product if we find a new product promotion source.

33. No strategic planning during the product launch time for promotion.

34. Product owners launch the product before it distributed to the regular promoters and affiliates.

35. Product owners keep promise on the product will hit the market instantly after the product launch without considering the time taken for the product to reach the customer place.

36. Without proper creation and management of advertisement about the product before the launch.

37. The product launch depends on only a few sources of promotion to sell the product in the market.

38. Product owners have the lacks to promote the product via social media like Twitter and Facebook.

39. Company a lot budget for only marketing there is no proper plan for the budget for ad management and video promotion. And infographics about the product benefits.

40. The product priced too high for the targeted audience.

41. Product launch without and bonus and offers because people expected at least 4x amounts of money worth they had spent for the product.

Reasons for Product launch Failure

Reasons for Product launch Failure

Mistakes after the Product launch

42. No immediate response to the customer once they have purchased the product.

43. Unclear video support about our product usages.

44. There are No follow up messages after the product has been purchased. We need to send instruction about using the product via email once the sales completed successfully. We know we can make more money from the existing customer.

45. No clear description of Incentives and commission for the promoters and affiliates.

46. All the data and banner information not available in the affiliate or partner pages with the benefits of promoting the product.

47. No tracking and documentation after the product launch. It may be helpful for secondary promotion planning.

48. Ad campaign launched before the prober description given to the promoters and the affiliate. Because of this, the customer will know more than the promoters about the product.

49. Offers and special bonuses and trial periods not correctly explained to the promoters and ad campaigns. So it will not reach the customer until they reach the sales letter.

50. There is no social proof and guarantee in the sales letter. It will reduce the customer confidence level to purchase the product.

These are the 50 mistakes I have notified with my three product launches first, one FourbloggerClub membership site, which was currently not active. My second launch in Fourblogger is the Thesis designer guide ebook launch, and the third one is the Thesis skins from fourbloger at Fourbloggerskins.com.


Creating own product and sell in the marketplace is the dream for every business people from a small home business to a large international corporation based business. When you have launched your first product successfully, you will be happy. But it is not at all an easy task to do it.

If you are planned about your new product launch, make sure to avoid these 50 mistakes during the product launch. It cost even failure in your product launch. So check Out 50 causes for the product launch failure in three different phases of the launch like pre-launch mistakes, launch time mistakes and post-launch mistakes.

Make your product launch successful by avoiding these problems. Share your experience in the comments section.


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  • Harshal November 11, 2012, 2:54 am

    thank you so much for writing this article….The 50 things to look out for before starting out!!! some of the points were fairly basic but I hadn’t thought of quite of few of the things you covered so saved me from some noob mistakes….could you a write up on how to effectively attack a niche market?


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