29 Different Sales Letter Templates in OptimizePress Theme

Any product launch mechanism needs sales letter in its style to make more sales. Some of them may have squeeze page in the sales funnel to capture leads. To create sale letter we need good SEO theme and a designer for perfection in sales letter. But here OptimizePress offers 29 unique sales letter templates in its core so we can easily construct sales pages using OptimizePress training videos.

In OptimizePress 29 sales letter templates in 6 different styles with everyone have 5 different layouts these templates has been chosen from the page attributes section in page editor. The important sales page elements alignment varied in every template. The sales letter elements listed below.

  • Sales video explains solution for customer problem
  • Headlines with biggest benefit of the product
  • Navigation and Header logo
  • Benefits  and features of the product
  • Bonus gives satisfaction to the customers money
  • Social proof like testimonials
  • Call to action

These are the seven elements used in every sales letter templates. According to the elements arrangement and its style results good conversion in sales funnel of the product launch.

Sales page theme

Sales page theme

Sales video explains the solution for customer problem

Sales video is one of the important conversation elements in sales letter. The preparation of sales video is depends on the product nature and how this product will solve the customer problem. This video should have the social proof for the problem solved by the product.

Apart from the video preparation we need to deliver the video in the right place and right player in sales letter. Even though we have good quality content in the video we need to display at the right time to the visitors of the sales letter.

Sales Letter Video

Sales Letter Video

So the video position and its alignments and controller bar are important in sales letter template. OptimizePress offers 29 sales letter templates with six different places for sales video alignment. If we don’t want video in sales letter we can disable video options in sales letter.

OptimizePress Sales Page Templates

OptimizePress Sales Page Templates

We can embed Youtube, Vimeo and Viddler videos directly in sales letter templates by just entering the embed code in the box provided.

We can also use external player to use third party hosted videos by giving the video URL. OptimizePress sales letter has options to use the video thumbnail thumbnail image in sales letter video.

We can enable Autoplay, Options to show video controllerbar in sales letter video and importantly we can fix the video player color in sales letter using OptimizePress Sales templates.

Sales video width and height can be adjusted in the page editor itself. We can also provide the downloadable link for the sales video. Some of the countries may have slow internet speed for those country users can download the sales video and they can see from the desktop video player.

Headline with Biggest Benefit of the Product

This includes three elements. First, the pre-headline to set-up the main headline and capture the attention of the category of product you want to attract. Next, the main headline, in the largest font you will use anywhere on the page, tells the product’s biggest benefit (a benefit that steps a favorable emotional response from the customer). Last, the post-head, which further clarifies the main headline.

OptimizePress offers the options to setup colors and font for all the three headlines separately in sales letter templates. It is also have the option to enable or disable certain headlines from the sales templates.

When we enable the headlines in the sales letter we will have options to setup font size, colors, font impact, letter spacing. This will helps the people to setup their sales letter in most reliable method using OptimizePress wordpress theme.

Sales letter Headlines

Sales letter Headlines

We can also add video in sales letter template based on headline positions whether above or below the headline. It helps users to fix the video any place with the headline in sales letter. Pre and sub headline gives the social proof for the main headline.

Main headline is the biggest benefit of the product with emotional response to buy the product.

Navigation and Header Logo on Sales letter

Navigation menu in sales letter is the special feature of OptimizePress. Remember in sales letter we shouldn’t have any distraction other than making sales. Even though we had no distraction we need to have certain links on sales letter. Support, affiliate, product home these links are needed for sales page.

So OptimizePress offers navigation for sales letters page just enable the navigation in sales letter in page editor along with the position in the page. The navigation style, alignment and item can be filled in the general OptimizePress theme settings page.

Navigation menu tab color, fonts and alignment can be chosen by us so we can design our own navigation menu in sales letter page using OptimizePress. We can use the blog templates for support, affiliate info and disclaimer information.

Header and logo settings

The header image and logo settings in sales letter template are very easy and we have multiple options to setup header for the sales letter. We can use clickable header text or header image in sales letter using OptimizePress.

For header image setup provide the image height with header image URL, we can adjust the alignments as center or left or right. If we have chosen header text we can setup color, font size and family using OptimizePress.

These settings are exclusively for the one sales page we can use differently for other sales pages in the same site using another sales letter template in OptimizePress. We have 29 different sales letters in OptimizePress.

Benefits and Features of the Product

In sales letter template we need to highlight the benefits and features of the product with bullet points. The image for the bullets makes landing page visitors attraction towards the next benefits so we need to use proper images for different product. OptimizePress offers more than six types of bullet point images for sales letter templates.

Benefits of the Product

Benefits of the Product

We can also get more image types with the OptimizePress graphics pack. This graphics pack includes call to action buttons in attractive color and texts we can simply choose the right one for our sales letter to make good sales.

The benefits of the product more highlighted than the features of the product. Because people need what they get benefited if they purchase your product rather than what you product offers to the customers. So we need to focus on benefits of the product here OptimizePress sales page templates have different styles to display benefits to the customer.

So in OptimizePress the features and benefits are listed with arrows, tick, plus and other symbols with attractive colors we can use right one.

Bonus gives Satisfaction to the customer’s money

Bonus in the sales letters pages makes more conversion. OptimizePress have alert bar option by using this option we can give alert for the bonus. We can use the bonus as OTO (one time offer) in sales letter.

OTO is one of the special features of OptimizePress sales letter templates. We can use delayed content box for special bonus to get more attention towards the product purches. By these advanced settings we can use optmizepress for sales page for our product launch whether it is a software download or recurring products like membership site.

We can use OptimizePress wordpress themes exit popup system in sales latter templates for bonus and discount. The exit popup system useful to reduce the immediate bounces from the sales letter page and finds conversion from the visitors those who leave for the sales page.

Bonus gives Satisfaction

Bonus gives Satisfaction

The Bonus displayed as separate box we can use images in the bonus section with help of ecover settings available in the sales letter page templates. Just provide the image uploaded path in the ecover settings we can setup sales page.

Most importantly OptimizePress offers members area here we have number of video tutorials to setup sales letters for your product launch. Apart from this is offers instant customer support for the setup issues regarding squeeze page, sales letter and membership site setup.

Social proof like testimonials give emotional response

Social proof is the major elements in sales letter templates. Because it steps the emotional response from the customers OptimizePress sales letter templates have the specific ares for testimonials and other screen short images for social proof. We can use content boxes below video or above video for the display of social proofs is sales letter page.

No need to have designer to setup sales letter if you have OptimizePress. Just the sales letter content is enough for the sales page setup. By watching the video tutorials provided by the optimiazepress support even a kid can setup sales letter for you valuable product launch.

Social Proofs like Testimonials

Social Proofs like Testimonials

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Testimonials can also be listed in OptimizePress the sales letter templates. Among the 29 different sales letter templates of OptimizePress we have 6 entirely different layouts for sales letter. We can use google optimizer and the split test options in OptimizePress to perform split test in sales letter.

Call to action Button

OptimizePress sales templates offer strong call to action button in different colors especially in red orange and yellow with the pre defined text for the button image. In the sales letter template page we have button text like Download now, Get access now, Buy now, instant Access, Add to cart ,etc,

These buttons have been chosen from the dropdown options available in the sales letters page. OptimizePress graphics pack gives more awesome call to action images along with the sales letter templates.

We can also use delayed call to action buttons for the better conversion. We can use special offers with the delayed call to action buttons the delay time have been setup using the sales letter options.

The call to action buttons available for various payment systems like paypal, clickbank, credit card and other payment systems. We can use different call to action buttons to perform split test. Footer copyright text and disclaimer information for the sales letter has been added easily using the OptimizePress wordpress theme templates.


When we consider sales letter templates for any product launch the OptimizePress is the best sales page theme we can use 29 different sales page templates to build sales page for the product launch. Recurring or subscription products like membership site, course materials can be easily set up with OptimizePress.

Generally every sales letter contains the important elements like sales video which explains solution for the customer problem with social proof. Sales letter headlines which highlights biggest benefits of the product. Bonus and benefits in sales letter to get emotional response from the customer towards the sales funnel. Call to action, delayed call to action, alert bar in OptimizePress used for customer to pay easily via different payments systems.

OptimizePress wordpress theme provides 29 different sales letter templates for product launch and 19 squeeze page templates for lead capture and membership site templates and blogs templates for any wordpress blog.

Get OptimizePress now, and share your experience in comments section.

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