December 2021

Information Product – Launch Requirements in WordPress

Launch Requirements Why we need launch tools Product Launch tools list SSL protected Websites Hosting with best Uptime WordPress themes and plugins Membership Protection Email services Payment processors Affiliate tools CRM software tool Conclusions FAQ – Product launch tools list  Information product launch requirements help the niche bloggers to create their products. They can launch […]

Create Different Types of Information Products in WordPress

Info Product Types Info Product creation Issues Why WordPress for Info Product Benefits of WP for Info products Types of Information Products Downloadable Products in WP Membership Site Products in WP Subscription Programs in WordPress Live Event Program in WordPress Conclusions FAQ – Information Product Creation  Are you looking to do online business around WordPress?. […]

WordPress Information Product Pricing Methods for Product Launch

Product Pricing Methods Why Product Pricing method? Product Pricing Methods Free Giveaway Pricing Free trial Pricing Single payment pricing Subscription Product pricing Upsell product pricing Conclusions FAQ – Product pricing in WordPress It is important to know info product pricing methods for our new product lunch in WordPress. Different products or business services need a […]

Lead Management Process – Improve Lead Quality Part 2

Lead Management Part 2 Why lead scoring? Segment leads by lead Scoring Lead nurturing by drip emails Manage Low scoring leads Manage Middle scoring leads Manage High scoring leads Retarget leads by Conversation Conclusions FAQ – Improve lead quality The lead management process is the strategy to identify and improve the captured leads for sales. […]

Lead Management Process – Identify Quality Leads – Part 1

Lead Management Part 1 Follow Up emails Email broadcasts Campaign of Series emails Split Test Segmentation Analytics and Insights Goal of Targeted List Segment List for Promotion Conclusions FAQ – Identify Targeted list Lead Management Process segments and identify qualified leads to better conversion to present the sales letter. It combines two parts; the first […]