April 2013

How To Use E-Junkie Marketplace To Sell Our Product

Sell product in Ejunkie What E-Junkie Is? Getting Your E-Junkie Account Setting Up Your First Product Upload Your Product & Get Links Conclusions If you’re getting ready to sell your ebook release some MP3s/videos or just want to sell access to some product you’ve created, you may be asking yourself “How the hell do I […]

How to Setup an E-Book Pages in Word and PDF

Create eBook in Word & PDF Designing Your E-book Front and back pages of E-book Formatting in Acrobat Should You Zip It? Conclusions Microsoft Word has lots of features that make creating ebooks easy. You can use styles to format an ebook or update its formatting to work on a different platform. You can use […]

Four Pillars of a Successful Product Launch

4 pillars of product launch Website or Blog for product Intro Product Creation and Testing Marketing with Multiple Resources Conversion at post Launch processes Conclusions Every successful product launch has four main pillars website or blog, product, marketing and sales. Each pillar plays major role in the product launch. We will see the contribution of […]

15 Marketing Tips for New Product Launch Funnel

15 Marketing Tips Landing Pages Social Networking Bloggers and social Media Press Releases Networking Group Guerrilla Marketing Conclusions According to the web research, as many as 95% of new products launched each year fail. Why does this happen? Maybe, businesses don’t reach customer soon enough, or their promotional marketing programs don’t support their product intro. […]

22 Awesome Thesis Skins for Thesis 2.0 Theme

Thesis 2.0 Skins 1. Marketers Delight 3 for thesis 2.0 3.Thesis Genuine Skin 5.Blog skin Thesis 2.0 Skin 7.Magazine-Skin for thesis 2.0 9.Thesis 2.0 -Business-Skin 11.Reactiv Thesis 2.0 skin 13.Magazine Thesis 2 Skin 15.Clip Cart thesis 2.0 skin 17.NXeNews Thesis 2.0 Skin 19.The BizLife Pro thesis 2 skin 21.Expressive thesis 2.0 skin Conclusions Are you […]

Successful Product Launch Guide for High Conversion in Mind

Product Launch Guide Define Product Launch Objectives Start Product Creation How to Market the Product Sales Improvement techniques Conclusions Successful product launches are not small events. They are processes. They require plans for the successful product launch. These detailed plans must be committed to by all members of the product launch team, which means everyone […]