August 2012

Wishlist Member – Sequential Upgrade for Membership Levels

Wishlist Member has two types of sequential upgrade one is ADD another one is MOVE upgrade. In ADD type the members for the Module 1 are added to the Module 2 after the specific time. and have access to the Module 1 and 2. This is useful for training programs to review previous module information. In MOVE sequential upgrade the members moved to the next level once the time period ends. The members have access for only the current membership level they don’t have access for previous levels.

Membership Level Expiration Notification Setup in Membership Site -Wishlist

Wishlist Member is one of the best WordPress membership site creation plugin. We can create many membership levels in Wishlist to manage huge amount of subscriber based on the goal of the membership site setup.

One important factor in membership level subscription setup is the life time of the membership level or length of the particular membership level. What happen if the lifetime of length of the subscription exceeds.

Create Custom Registration Page and Form in Wishlist Membership Site

Custom Registration Form Registration Form for every levels Default Registration Form Customize Registration Page Custom Registration Form Design Form fields in Wishlist Registration form Registration Page Signup text Custom CSS and Captcha for Signup page Conclusions Wishlist Member is one of the absolute best ways to quickly and easily setup a membership site with WordPress. […]

Registration Page Setup for Membership Site using WishList Member

WishList Member can offer two kind registration page for membership level registration.For free membership site use Simple integration and for paid membership site we can use Full integration for registration form URLs.
Make sure that After registration page and after login page don’t go to the same page and remember After Registration page is NOT protected; After Login page can be protected in order to avoid login page problems in WishList Member.

How to Use the Facebook Comments System in OptimizePress

OptimizePress provides options share to sales funnel in the social sharing sites. We can create squeeze, sales letters, launch and pre-launch pages with advanced integration features like Twitter sharing and Facebook commenting and liking etc.This articles shows how the squeeze, sales pages can be integrated with Facebook comments system.We can also add Facebook like button in the launch page using OptimizePress.