March 2012

Enable WordPress Multisite Network Feature – Introduction

WordPress Multisite Network Enable Multisite Network Create Multisite network Subdomain Multisite network Subdirectory Multisite network Network in Existing WordPress site Conclusions WordPress users have multiple websites or blog to deliver their valuable thoughts to the people. For this they need to maintain number of WordPress blogs and websites it is very time consuming process to […]

Best Backup and Restore Plugin for WordPress Sites – BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin Backup WordPress Site Full Directory Restore the backup with BackupBuddy Migrate WordPress Sites BackupBuddy supports Multisite BackupBuddy 2.0 Special Features Conclusions WordPress plugins are the heart of the content management system. These plugins expand the open source WordPress CMS functionality to the extreme level with its specific feature. The WordPress users get […]

Best WordPress Theme for Powerful Product Launches – OptimizePress

Product Launch Theme Setup Pages for the Product Launch Product launch funnel configuration Setup Sales Funnel Pages Setup AutoResponder Settings Setup Content & Test the Funnel Conclusions OptimizePress WordPress theme offered Build your launch sequence inside of its dashboard. It has some advanced features to increase the conversion in landing pages by the emotional response […]

iContact AutoResponder Integration on Landing Page with OptimizePress

iContact Integration Create a List in iContact Create Signup Form in iContact Get Html form Embed code Add Embed code to OptimizePress Conclusions OptimizePress offers many different templates for squeeze pages and sales letters. So we can easily setup product launch pages using OptimizePress WordPress theme. Generally product launch includes lead capture page and sales […]

Mailchimp Integration on Squeeze Page with OptimizePress WordPress Theme

Mailchimp Integration Create a List in Mailchimp Create Form in Mailchimp Setup Thank you Page Get form fields Embed code Add embed code to OptimizePress Conclusions We know OptimizePress offers 19 different squeeze page templates for lead capture. So we can use any one of the squeeze template but to collect email we need to […]

Aweber AutoResponder Integration with Lead Capture Page – OptimizePress

AutoResponder Integration Create New List in Aweber Create WebForm in Aweber Configure the Webform Settings Get Webform Embed code Add embed code to OptimizePress Conclusions OptimizePress wordpress theme provides simple way to integrate autoresponder systems to capture email list. The design structure of optmizepress makes everything with autoresponder in simple way including the self hosted […]

Best Membership Site Page Templates – OptimizePress WP Theme

Membership site Templates Members login page Template Members Welcome page Template Membership Modules page Template Content Delivery Page templates Membership Error page templates Membership General Page Templates Conclusions OptimizePress WordPress theme has all the templates required to setup a membership site in WordPress. Generally a WordPress theme offers blog templates and few themes may give […]

29 Different Sales Letter Templates in OptimizePress Theme

Contents Sales video explains solution Headlines with biggest benefit Navigation and Header logo Benefits and Features of the product Bonus gives Satisfaction Social proof like Testimonials Call to action Button Conclusions Any product launch mechanism needs sales letter in its style to make more sales. Some of them may have squeeze page in the sales […]