1Shoppingcart Payment Integration in Membership site with Wishlist Member

Checkout the Wishlist Member plugin review on creating full featured membership site in WordPress. Wishlist Member is the powerful low price membership site plugin from WordPress. It has special features like subscriber management, sequential content delivery, AutoResponder integration, payment system integration and secure RSS feeds for membership content.

When we consider payment system Wishlist Member doesn’t have own affiliate system like aMember membership software. Instead of this it will provide various shopping cart integration for setup payment processing in membership site setup.

The list of payment system integration possible with Wishlist Member is 1ShoppingCart, Paypal, 2Checkout, Clickbank, Cydec, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, Quick Pay Pro, Red Oat Cart, Ultra Cart and Generic.

1Shoppingcart Payment System

1Shoppingcart Payment System

IShopping cart is one among the best payment system for affiliate processing for the product launch like membership site. 1Shoppingcart  is not only used for payment processing we can use this as auto responder for membership site setup.

So no need to go for separate AutoResponder system for membership site we can use 1Shopingcart for AutoResponder and payment system. 1Shopingcart  allows make payment via paypal, visa, Master card, google, authorize.net and etc.

1Shoppingcart comes up with 1 month Free trail for its payment processing and AutoResponder setup.  Check out the 1Shoppingcart free trail account here.

Wishlist Member with 1Shoppingcart integration

Wishlist Member membership plugin offer FULL integration between 1Shoppingcart and WordPress provided we have have a API key from 1Shoppingcart. We can get the API key from 1Shoppingcart by login to the account. And find the API key at “My accountàAPI settings” in your 1Shoppingcart account.

Without the API key we will not be able to fully integrate 1Shoppingcart with Wishlist Member but we can use simple integration with the API key of 1Shppingcart but it has recurring billing notification issue.

1Shoppingcart and Wishlist recurring billing Notification

Previously 1Shoppingcart only provides a simple integration.  This means that there is no notification back to the WordPress site if the member cancelled recurring payment in 1Shoppingcart.

So when someone cancels a membership, we need to manually remove them from the WordPress Wishlist Member system. But the current version of WLM and 1Shoppingcart can provide full integration with WordPress. No need to worry about the recurring billing membership once we have done full integration for Wishlist Member and 1Shoppingcart.

1SC Recurring Billing Notification

1SC Recurring Billing Notification

Now 1Shoppingcart uses the V2 Recurring billing engine for recurring payments so it will look and function exactly the same as the current recurring billing systems it also comes up with some special features,

  • Faster, more reliable Payment processing
  • Receive recurring orders on both the Desktop and Mobile Notifiers
  • Access to recurring orders through the API
  • Ability to retrieve notifications of recurring orders through the API

Now 1Shoppingcart integrates fully with Wishlist Member. So we can receive notification when someone cancels their recurring billing subscription in 1shoopingcart.

This post will be useful those who have the interest to use the Wishlist Member plugin and the 1Shoppingcart as payment processor and AutoResponder for their membership site. 1Sshoppingcart has announced that they have changed the way their recurring payments work better with Wishlist Member plugin.

WordPress and 1Shoppingcart full integration with Wishlist

We know Wishlist Member is can easily convert new or existing WordPress blog into powerful membership site. Currently the best WordPress membership site plugin is Wishlist Member which integrates fully with our 1Shoppingcart in simple steps.

Step by step procedure for WordPress and 1Shoppingcart integration

Once we have installed Wishlist Member plugin using WordPress admin dashboard by the same way as other WordPress plugin installation. Add the license key for the Wishlist Member to activate the plugin for this site. Checkout the license details for future usage of Wishlist Member in membership site.

  • Once we activated the Wishlist Member plugin, now we have “WL plugins” option on the left of the side of the WordPress admin dashboard. Just click on the “Wishlist Member” option.
  • Now it will be redirected to the Wishlist Member dashboard page here we have top navigation with different links for general settings, Members, Membership levels, integration etcWhich is shown in the below image.
Wishlist Member Dashboard

Wishlist Member Dashboard

  • Click on the“Integration” tab on the navigation menu of the Wishlist dashboard. In the integration page we will have two options one is for ‘shoppingcart’ second one is for ‘AutoResponder’ we need to choose ‘Shopping cart’ option for the payment system integration.
1Shoppingcart with Wshlist

1Shoppingcart with Wshlist

  • Now we have the dropdown box to choose particular payment system among the possible payment system integration with Wishlist we need to select “1Shoppingcart” from the dropdown menu.  Now we will be able to see the 3 steps required to complete the WordPress and1shoppincart integration.
  • In step one setup the “Thank you” Page URL – Here Copy the thank you page URL showing on the Wishlist dashboard and paste the thank you page URL in your 1Shoppingcart account or Thank you page URL of each product in the 1Shoppingcart account if we created more than one product in 1Shoppingcart.
Thank You page URL in Wishlist

Thank You page URL in Wishlist

  • In the second step set up 1Shoppingcart API and Merchant ID settings – we have two boxes to enter 1Shoppingcart API and Merchant ID on Wishlist Member dashboard.
  • To find Merchant ID in 1Shoppingcart go to top-right corner of the 1shoppincart account dashboard page and get the merchant ID. and to find the API key  for the 1Shoppingcart account go to  “My accountà API settings” in your 1Shoppingcart account. Copy these two details and paste it into Wishlist Member dashboard.
  • In step three we need to setup SKU in 1Shoppingcart product from Wishlist Member dashboard. Copy the SKU from Wishlist Member and paste it into 1Shoppingcart product. Each membership level has different SKU in Wishlist we need to add this SKU in each product created in the shopping cart.
SKU Setup in Wishlist member

SKU Setup in Wishlist Member

That’s all. We have integrated 1Shoppingcart payment system fully in WordPress membership site using Wishlist Member plugin.  Now test the integration by making some test payments.

1Shoppingcartis an all-in-one shopping cart and ecommerce system.  It has built-in shopping cart for selling our product like membership site and digital downloads like ebooks with good affiliate management system. 1Shoppingcart also has AutoResponder for our email marketing and membership site setup.

Because of these three features affiliate system, shopping cart and AutoResponder the 1Shoppingcart becomes a single solution for making membership sites and online stores. Signup for 1Shoppingcart as free account and start build your membership site now.


The list of payment processing system integration possible in Wishlist Member is 1ShoppingCart, Paypal, 2Checkout, Click bank, Cydec, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, Quick Pay Pro, Red Oat Cart, Ultra Cart and Generic.

1Shoppingcart is one among the best payment system for affiliate processing for the product launch like membership site. Because of the three features affiliate system, shopping cart and AutoResponder the 1Shoppingcart becomes a single solution for making powerful full featured membership sites.

Now 1Shoppingcart have full integration with WordPress using Wishlist Member plugin. So we can receive notification when someone cancels their recurring billing subscription in 1shoopingcart.

WordPress and 1Shoppingcart integration using Wishlist Member has done in three steps as thank you page setup, Merchant IV and API key setup and finally SKU for each product that’s all. Share your experience in comments section.

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  • Suzanne November 22, 2012, 12:11 pm

    I was searching and searching for something that would work. I thought 1shoppingcart was more expensive than the others, and was looking closely at the others. Unlike Paypal, all the others seemed to need another company to complete the transaction. In other words, they accommodated the transaction but someone else needed to process it, or the other way around. Confusing! I didn’t want to make two payments to, say, Premium Webcart and Payleap (one of the processors they use) every month. Although your English and grammar skills need work, your article convinced me to sign up through your link. Thank you for all that great information. You helped me to make my mind up quickly.

  • R December 3, 2012, 6:36 am

    Does Wishlist work for sites based in Australia that are using 1SC for payment? The website seemed to say US only…


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