10 Best Online Business Models for Startup Success

Many people, including bloggers, want to start online businesses to deliver their values to the community but find it challenging to choose the right business model for success. This article will guide you in choosing the correct online business model. It gives you the 9 different types of online business models to choose from.

The product or service type makes our business model unique and competitive to others. Based on the product and business services, we select a business model for an online business.

How to choose the right business model to our online business?

Adapting the right model to your business requires you to analyze these five things about online business, which are listed below.

  1. Customer type,
  2. Product or services types,
  3. Product delivery methods,
  4. Payment acceptance,
  5. Customer relationship management.

As soon as you have cleared these things, we are ready to find the best model to suit our online business.

 10 Best Online Business Models

The online business models require secure payment transactions, data protection, product protection, remote access protection, product storage, product delivery, and copy right protection. Here is a list of the nine online business models.Online business Models

Subscription Business Model

It is the best online business model to deliver the best value to the right people. Good examples of subscription business models include online courses, coaching programs, and online tutorials.

The model offers a specific product or service to the right customers for a specific period. This can be achieved by email subscription. We can do webinar series, podcast series, video tutorials, and business coaching tutorials.

Online courses such as study materials and programs can be done using subscription business models. Playing instruments, learning arts are the best part of online subscription programs. Depending on the length of the subscription, the course has been delivered for a certain period. After completing the course or art learning or coaching process, the subscription program has closed for some time.

We can reopen the program with a new set of customers or subscribers. Subscription business models are designed with the ultimate goal of educating subscribers about a new subject in a comprehensive manner. The payment can be charged per subscription using the payment gateways.

The course materials, video series can be protected with the best protection software and delivered to people upon subscription. The live events such as webinars can be shared after the subscription of the event using their email and unique login id provided to the users for their participation.

The missed events can be recorded and delivered to the subscribers later using their email ids. The subscription business is one of the best business models for informative products or services.

Scalable Business Model

A scalable business model reduces the marginal cost of the product or service by reducing the usability of the business resources when required. In the scalable business model, all the services or products are available for every one of the customers, and they can be charged based on the usage of the services or products.

Cloud hosting solutions are the best example of a scalable business model. They provide all the hardware and business tools for your business premises. The customers can find valuable services, and the prices can be scaled based on the selection of the services and longevity of the usages.

Scalable Business Model

Scalable Business Model

Subscription to a business service or a product with minimal cost is the basic requirement. Based on the quality of the services or product, it will be charged for its usage.

Scalable business models are best for retaining customers for long periods to find customer value. From that, we can develop or fine-tune the business services for long-term achievements. B2B customers are the best-suited subscribers for the scalable business models.

Every subscriber is a good asset in the scalable business model. Its great advantage in terms of customer satisfaction is that any service that is subscribed to can be unsubscribed at any time within the subscription.

Sharing Business Model

Every business can be done between business owners and customers. In this sharing business model, the business can be done by the network for commission. The best part of this business model is marketing. A business agency can offer these services to simplify the marketing campaigns of online businesses.

Across the network, payment is provided either by pay per click, pay per acquisition, or pay per impression. Google Adsense, Adwords, and affiliate networks are the best examples of sharing a business model.

Here, the revenue has been shared between the business owners and its promoter. The customers are benefited by finding a solution to their problems as a product or service. Affiliate reviews and blogs are the best examples of sharing business models.

Promoters who use affiliate marketing and content marketing are closely related to the sharing business model. They will provide awareness of the business services, create interest in the product, present the product at the right time and make the customer decide on the product or business services.

Influencer marketing such as blogs, social media, and social sharing will be the best-suited business models for promotion in the sharing business model.

Secure Business Model

The security of the product and services plays a vital role in online business. It needs security from the business tools and their resource usage at the remote location to its protection against malicious attacks from the hacker.

The secure business model provides security to business resources and its maintenance services for full-term availability of business services at any location without any interruption. The website, products, services, and customer information maintenance are the best business services.

Copyright issues about the images, videos, and informative software and apps usages in the business premises will be covered in this business premises maintenance. It is one of the best online business models for B2B and B2C clients.

The security and protection against hackers, malware, viruses are always essential in online business and financial transactions of any business model with an online mode of operation. The remote support to the business services and products should be protected against malicious attacks.

Online Shipping Business Model

The shipping business model is one of the best business models for delivering Ecommerce store products and gadgets. Online stores are the easiest way to shop things in a matter of clicks. The shopping cart and the payment processing are the essential part of the ecommerce business, along with door shipping of the product purchased.

Door shipping needs stock ERP solutions for the availability of stocks and business connectivity in a geographic location. Amazon is the best business model for online stores and shops with good shipping.

The acceptance of payments can be in different modes such as full payment, partial payment, cash on delivery, etc. These methods allow customers to shop freely in online stores, and the shipping cost will be compensated with the offline price of the product.

Shipping business model

Shipping business model

The best courier services can make faster availability of products to the customers. The online software, web application development, and mobile apps can be delivered using hubs. This Hubspot is the best example for online project management and provides online office environments to its users.

The remote access to the softcopy of the digital product should be protected, and its access available only to the paid users without any interruption and malicious attacks from the hackers.

Membership Business Model

The membership business model is the popular online business model for starting a business. Every business needs customers, so all the business owners give free lifetime subscriptions are low-cost membership subscriptions.

The discounts, coupon codes, promo codes, and offers can be given to the existing members of the business services. Amazon prime will be the best example of a membership business model. Many businesses that have customers give membership to their VIP or Prime customers with the smallest monthly subscription.

These membership fees will be compensated in discounts and offer in the product price values. This will be the best-suited business model with multiple products or services such as online stores and business apps.

The vast category of products can be offered in the membership business model based on the members’ interest; the product will be presented to the members and wait for their decision to act towards the product. The membership business model needs a sales funnel to make the sales from the business members.

Online membership programs such as business coaching, self-growth, motivation, fitness, life coach are the best membership business models. These programs always need added support for the customer to enhance their growth, so it is successful. It provides community development and connects the people who work for the common goal and make the massive.

Network Business Model

Network business models are always best for promotion and marketing. The social media influencers will greatly impact the conversion of visitors to the product into customers. Network business connects the community by fan pages, groups, follow, social sharing, bookmarking, and discussion boards.

These will give current issues in the community and available solutions to the problems as services or products. The merits and demerits of the best products for the problem raised can be discussed, and expert opinions can be recorded for the product development.

The product development and service are available for the problems such as analytics and tracking of marketing and conversion and product feedbacks. The product and service reviews by the influencers in a community will greatly impact the business development.

Network Business Model

Network Business Model

The affiliates, JV partners, owners, and promoters network will be the best network business, models. The best examples of network business models are forums, discussion groups, fan pages, review blogs, and blog directories.

The network business model is helpful to find the best product in the market and the best competitive product for our product.

Productized Services Business Model

The productized Services Business Model is the business services available in the product model. SLA sales funnel is the best example of this business model. The agency service for the business growth will always have these types of business models.

In this model, the essential business services are offered as free trials or at least cost. Once the service satisfies the customer’s need, they will continue with higher cost and advanced features access.

Every new feature’s access will be charged separately by the business services, and the first price of the product will cover only the advertisement cost alone in the SLA funnel. The SEO audit, ranking, backlink checker are the best examples of the productized services model.

Similar business services are combined to a single product and offered as a free trial or at minimal cost. Each add-on service will cover the price of the real product. This model is helpful to make the third-party business apps integration using agency services. It reduces the time taken for product development and analytics of the product for supply and demand.

In this model, we always need good technical staff for business development recommendations and maintenance of customer relationships.

Analytics and Tracking Business Model

Business always needs product and customer analytics with tracking for massive growth. Online businesses should have apps for marketing campaigns and customer management. The sales and marketing funnels are essential parts of the customer base improvements.

These business models are used for product or service promotion and marketing. There are many analytics and tracking tools involved in these types of online business agencies. It starts from the market research for product demand and supply to customer research for marketing and sales.

From the online marketplaces such as video sharing sites, media sharing sites, social bookmarking sites, social media and blog communities we should find our customers by research. The funnel was created to find the leads and customers using landing pages with optin forms.

Every stage of the sales funnel should be tracked and analysed using email marketing software with marketing campaigns.  The funnel stages will give product awareness in the marketplaces and find the interested people and drive them to a landing page.

Analytics Business Model

Now the email marketing campaign will present the product details at the right time. Then wait for the people to take action towards buying decisions with negotiation and offers. Every step in the sales funnel needs tracking and analytics to make the goal.

 WEB Services Business Model

The online business always provides web services such as application development, mobile apps, web design, online payment processing, remote office, workflow, security, shopping cart, queue, mining, etc.

These web services can be helpful to grow the business, such as theme, plugin, lead pages design, and development. The marketing tools are email marketing, SEO tools for content marketing, CRM for a relationship, Payment gateways for shopping carts and checkout, and web forms for contact, donation, quotation, poll, quiz, subscription, etc.

The Ad design and landing page services for affiliate marketing and promotion of the product online. Webinar, podcast, video tutorials, events, coaching materials such as images, audio, and videos, e-book, ecover creation services are always popular in the web services business.

Reseller hosting, security, maintenance, SEO, Backup services can also be available in the web services business model.


The purpose of this article was to introduce the best online business models for successful startup companies. These models require Customers, toolkits, payment gateways, products or services access, campaigns, and customer support and maintenance.

Online business models such as subscriptions and scalable business models are extremely popular. Productized services models can also be good for long-term customer maintenance. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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