10 Best Email Marketing Services for Product Launch

Today, email marketing is used for a variety of purposes. In digital marketing, email marketing plays a vital role. The best email marketing service should give email automation services, newsletter broadcasting services, email tracking and reporting services, webform creation service for email list building.

In the lead generation process, every product launch marketing campaign starts with customer identification. Visitors to a landing page convert into leads by entering an email address, which is used to complete the sales funnel. The emails should be collected from different places based on the purpose of list building.

Why do we need email marketing services?

The email marketing services need to collect emails from the landing page visitors in different ways. A blog can collect email for newsletters and faster delivery of blog updates, and it needs a subscription form in the blog sidebar.

A product launch needs an email list collected via a lead generation page with opt-in forms in it.

A marketing campaign needs a sales to funnel process with email automation and reporting in its list segmentation.

An eCommerce website needs email automation services for product delivery and payment processing. So the different businesses need email list building for various uses. The email list was collected by adding a web subscription form to a landing page of the business.

Best email marketing services

Best email marketing services

The list was collected separately for eCommerce, product launch, affiliate marketing, and blog updates. However, every list building needs an automation process to collect emails. Also, the email marketing service needs a reposting section for newsletters, email followup, funnel processing and eCommerce sales promotions.

Best email marketing service should have four sections in its primary service

  • Webforms sections for list creation
  • Email management and automation for newsletters and followups.
  • Marketing campaign for product promotion and funnel services
  • Reporting sections for customer management and sales letter offering

Here we will see the best email marketing services for new product launch and its marketing services.

Top 10 email marketing services for small business marketing automation

The small business needs a good customer relationship tool for its startup success. The new product or service launch required an email list for successful sales. Every lead needs to be educated about the product via email automation services. Product offers, announcements, gifts and welcome messages should always be automated for every user in the email list. The best email services are listed below.

  1. ConvertKit email marketing service

convertkit email service

convertkit email service

Convertkit email marketing service is specially created for creators who can automate their marketing process easily. They have more time for creating new things. The convertkit has email signup form designs with creative landing page design options in a few minutes. So we can convert the landing page visitors into subscribers using email signup forms.

We can share creative ideas using optin landing pages and build an email list for your innovative products. We can also build good relationships with automated email campaign settings and newsletter broadcasting using convertkit email marketing services.

Creative email designers can be used for email formatting and editing with a beautiful arrangement. The clickable CTA and instant images options can add more clarity in email followup messages with infographic messages.

Features of Convert Kit

  • We can create free signup forms with popup options in a minute.
  • Landing pages can be created in a minute with customizable web form fields design. We have many templates for form designs.
  • The signup forms can be placed in the webpage in three ways such as popups, inline and slidein methods.
  • Best and simple email marketing service for creators. It has an automated solution for easy email templates and a clutter free writing experience.
  • We can easily organize the subscribers by broadcasting and followup messages with reporting system that displays delivery and email open rates.
  • We can also setup sales funnels email setup for launch events in your business with its automated systems.
  • Squrespace, shopify and teachable can be integrated for web platforms, membership courses and ecommerce functions.
  • The best used email marketing service for lead capture, webinar services, affiliate management, surveys and quizzes, list tracking and analytics, membership courses delivery and newsletter scheduling.
  1. AWeber email Marketing Service

AWeber is one of the best email marketing services for eCommerce and small business product launches. It is also best for newsletter broadcast scheduling and email followup messages in launch campaigns. Aweber autoresponder system is the best choice for event subscription and webinar services.

We can create a webform with its premade form templates library to collect emails for product launches and sales campaigns. We can create personalized emails by segmentation and tagging with automated scheduling of messages.

Makes all the emails beautiful with drag and drop designs in the email templates and free stock images for popup forms. The forms can be added to landing pages easily with AWeber email services. The list management and marketing campaign is tracked and reported for best customer segmentation and automation in its dashboard.

aweber email marketing service

aweber email marketing service

Features of AWeber email service

  • It is a faster email marketing system by its reporting and analytics so we can easily automate the followup messages for the sales and marketing funnel.
  • The library has prebuilt templates for webforms, email design and landing page creation, which makes embedding the webform for lead generation in few minutes.
  • Automated scheduling of email broadcasting makes faster delivery of emails with better open rates.
  • Email marketing images can be designed with canvas within the autoresponder service.
  • WooCommerce, shopify , clickbank and paypal integration makes content management, CRM, lead generation, membership, survey, webinars can be possible with AWeber email marketing service.
  1. GetResponse Email Marketing Service

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing services that provide email marketing, website builder, marketing automation and conversion funnels. In its email marketing services, it has newsletter scheduling, autoresponder emails for subscriptions and payment services. The automated emails are used for event campaigns and product selling funnels.

Automated timely emails setup is used for blog posts delivery to the subscribers in the social media and social sharing websites. The transactional email setup with SMTP operations is available in the GetResponse email service.

The website builder has awesome pages templates with drag and drops design options. The signup forms can be designed and easily added to the landing pages for lead generation. In marketing automation, capture and convert new leads. Manage the leads in the marketing campaign and make good relationships with them.

We can create and set up various funnels with GetResponse, and they will be tracked and reported in the dashboard. The available funnels are optin subscription funnel, lead magnet funnel, sales funnel and webinar funnels.

getresponse email service

getresponse email service

Features of GetResponse email marketing service

  • We can create Facebook and social ads in a minute using a marketing automation campaign.
  • Landing pages and signup forms can be created with popup options to collect emails.
  • Webinars and automated email are being setup for launch events and selling products.
  • Sales pages, stores, product pages and eCommerce are created with integration done using a website builder and email services.
  • Onclick upsell pages, payment order pages can be created using payment integration with email services.
  1. Campaign Monitor email service

Campaign Monitor uses beautiful drag and drop email designs for unforgettable email marketing automation services. Its ease of use email builder provides complete customization of email design. Awesome template library was used for mobile optimization.

Automated email journey will send timely emails for digital customer satisfaction and conversion. We can use smart segments for customer segmentation using differentiated list settings to build long term relationships.

Personalized customer journeys bring marketing automation works better than others. The transactional email classification will be used for the customer journey, and the analytics section will cover email delivery and open rate for smart management.

By integrating campaign monitor with ecommerce platforms, CRMs, and other sales forces, email marketing automation can be made easier. The use of a signup form for lead generation makes a good impact on conversion.

Campaign Monitor email service

Campaign Monitor email service

Features of Campaign Monitor email service

  • Beautifully designed email marketing templates can be customized with the email builder.
  • Signup form can be placed better on landing pages to maximize conversion.
  • The integration of payment applications, eCommerce tools and CRMs can help transactional email automation.
  • Marketing automation works better with segmented personalized email services with timely delivery.
  • The scheduled email for events and product selling can be setup easily with campaign monitor and tracking will be reported.
  1. Constant Contact email Marketing service

The complete email marketing campaign is available at one place called constant contact. It has an email marketing campaign that engages the customers from building awesome websites in a minute using constant contact built-in website tools. We can upload a product in an online store, generating product awareness in social media, collecting leads on a landing page with a signup form.

The sales will be boosted by Google ads and social marketing using Facebook and Instagram. We can achieve these results using eCommerce integration with constant contact email marketing service.

Mobile optimized email templates are used for smarter communication with leads generated by the landing page signup form. We can track the email delivery and open rates using the reporting system of constant contact.

constant contact email service

constant contact email service

Features of constant contact email service

  • We can create awesome websites and landing pages without any API and SEO options. We can use prebuilt mobile optimized templates.
  • We can use mom and pop or Upstart to sell digital and physical products online using a constant contact email service.
  • Promote the list growth and drive traffic to the website using Google ads and social media, social sharing advertisement.
  • Any product can be sold by creating online ecommerce websites. Help people to reach them. Use emails to boost your loyalty with a marketing campaign and finally track the performance using constant contact.
  1. Keap email marketing service

Infusionsoft’s email marketing service has changed into Keep, with the same functionality. It has a CRM solution, sales automation, customizable marketing campaigns and apps integration for email services.

Keep is the best tool for CRM and marketing automation. It has powerful segmentation to send the right email to the right people. We can tag new leads and assign tasks, then send new emails based on the behaviour of the contact. The follow up messages and email for every segmented lead can be scheduled using its automated campaign.

The payment checkout can be easier with PayPal, Venmo and PayPal credit used for recurring transactions. We can capture leads automatically using built-in landing pages with a signup form.

Keap email marketing service

Keap email marketing service

Features of Keap Email marketing Service

  • It organizes the leads by contacts management, segmentation, tasks, webforms and landing pages.
  • Keap uses mobile apps, A/B email testing, email marketing services.
  • We can get paid using PayPal checkouts in ecommerce websites. We can also use one-time and recurring payments using PayPal.
  • Reports, analytics and affiliate management can be done inside the keap admin dashboard.
  • Keap uses shopping carts, order forms and checkout forms for online store product selling.
  1. Drip email marketing service

Drip email service can automate the marketing campaign with eCommerce integrations such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big commerce and custom store. We can improve sales by targeting email list building using drip lead generation pages. Email marketing can be optimized with A/B testing to improve sales.

Drip provides an opportunity to build good relationships with shoppers using post-purchase email campaigns. With stats and loyalty marketing automation, we can turn shoppers into repeat buyers. Send an engaging email that can speak with customers through personalized messages with the addition of selling products.

This email marketing service can capture email using customizable web forms. We can optimize the traffic and retarget Facebook and Instagram for higher conversion.

drip email marketing

drip email marketing

Features of Drip email marketing

  • We can create awesome lead capture forms with fully customizable templates.
  • Drip has many integration tools such as Zapair, Facebook custom audiences, Recart and continually.
  • It has email and SMS automation with pre-built customizable templates. For ecommerce functions it integrates with many tools.
  • Drip used to segment audiences and by driving marketing campaigns, it collects the reports and tracks the audience for sales improvements.
  1. Mailchimp email marketing Service

Mailchimp email marketing service is used to take our business online and for marketing our business service or product. Mailchimp uses prebuilt websites and domains to create online stores to sell our products and services online, and it uses product launch campaigns for selling ecommerce store products.

This email marketing service provides webinar service and other event scheduling by appointment subscription. Mailchimp can market our business services using digital ads, email campaigns, landing pages and social media awareness programs.

Mailchimp email services have many services for audience management by segmentation, signup form, CRMs, tags and behavioural targeting. It also has creative tools integrations for campaign management and ecommerce operations.

Marketing automation uses personalized customer journeys and has analytics and insights through A/B testing, reports and tracking, and customer survey management.

mailchimp email service

mailchimp email service

Features of Mailchimp email service

  • Take our business by built in website and landing page templates with fully customizable webform designs.
  • Market our business by emails, social ads, postcards and landing pages.
  • Reach the right people with audience segmentation and email personalization.
  • Automate the marketing campaign with sales funneling process.
  • Track our audience by marketing campaign reports inside the dashboard.
  1. Sendinblue email marketing Service

Sendinblue email service gives marketing automation in three ways: communication, personalization and conversion. The first part uses email marketing, SMS, and charts for communication with leads and audiences for sales funnelling and relationship building processes.

The second part is audience segmentation. Sendinblue uses CRM, marketing automation, and transactional emails for a relationship, product sales, and upselling the products. The segmented audiences can easy for email scheduling and message delivery.

Finally, Sendinblue uses web forms for the identification of new leads and customers for our business. By landing pages creation with signup form placements, lead capturing is easier, and Facebook ads can drive people to landing pages for lead capturing in the sales process.

sendinblue email service

sendinblue email service

Features of SendinBlue email service

  • It uses email, SMS, inbox and chart for email marketing automation and communications with leads.
  • Sendinblue uses CRMs, transactional emails, marketing personalized automation for audience segmentation and targeting.
  • It uses social ads campaigns for driving lots of traffic to the landing pages.
  • We can improve conversion by A/B testing, reporting, heat map, real time operation, and send time optimization using sendinblue email service.
  • We can integrate ecommerce tools using API and plugins.
  1. MailerLite email marketing service

Mailer Lite email service provides five-step service product sales with its email campaign services. To collect email addresses from visitors, create landing pages and websites with lead capture forms.

Build the email list by running ads campaigns, driving traffic to landing pages, popup forms, embedded forms, and websites to increase subscribers. Optimize the subscriber’s list using segmentation by A/B testing and surveys.

Automate emails by personalizing them with workflows and scheduling the email delivery timing to every segmented list. Sell the digital product using a series of followup emails that cover every stage of the sales funnel.

mailerlite email service

mailerlite email service

Features of MailerLite email service

  • Create amazing marketing campaigns using a drag and drop editor, rich text editor, html editor, newsletter templates and ecommerce campaigns.
  • Use website builders, popups, embedded forms, landing pages and subscriber management to increase the audience.
  • Deliver the right message using email automation, tagging, personalization and segmentation.
  • Optimize the campaign by split testing, RSS campaign, deliver by time zone and auto resend messages.
  • Track the results by open locations, surveys, click maps and campaign reports.
  • Transactional email services and mobile friendly email newsletters can be sent using Mailerlite.


Among the best 10 email marketing services, we need to choose the best email marketing service for our product launch and small business. Mailer lite, Sendinblue and content contact are beginner-friendly email marketing services suitable for small business operations.

The drip, Keep and campaign monitor email marketing used for ecommerce and small business operations with affiliate management.

The best email marketing services for small businesses and ecommerce sales, along with influencers, bloggers, etc., are Converkit, AWeber and GetResponse. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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