WordPress Mailchimp Integration and Members/Subscribers Management

by Suresh Karuppaiya

Mailchimp email autoresponder is great email marketing service provider which allows us to do a lot of email marketing for our blog or business website or product launches.  There are a number of great WordPress plugins that allow us to extend Mailchimp integration to WordPress into WordPress. One of the best methods to do WordPress with Mailchimp integration is Wishlist Member WordPress plugin.

Wishliste Member plugin used to build awesome WordPress membership sites with few simple steps for product launches. Today I wanted to discuss about how we can integrate Mailchimp autoresponder into the WordPress website.

Why we need autoresponder Integration

Wishlist Member plugin provides Mailchimp integration for the future email support for the members and subscriber management inside the membership site.  It will fulfill the intention to maintain relationship and makes better satisfaction with customers. This will be useful for next product launches.

OptimizePress is the good theme to find different product launch templates for membership site creation. It offers optin form setup options in individual template from the different sales page templates, squeeze page templates, membership page templates and product launch funnel templates.

Mailchimp autoresponder integration with WordPress is done at squeeze pages done using OptimizePress WordPress theme with an intention to build email list for effective product launch. The second way is done the Mailchimp integration done after the registration of membership website area. This will be used for future support and keeping the customer for the next launch.

Before we get started for the integration process there is one thing that we will need to do other than signing up for a Mailchimp account in order to use Mailchimp autoresponder service in WordPress site.  We need to create a new list in the Mailchimp account first.

Once we have created the list then we can generate API Key and webforms for the corresponding list which helps the Mailchimp integration with WordPress simple. Many of the integration procedure need API key from the Mailchimp.

Procedures to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress

Login your WordPress dashboard of the Wishlist Member plugin installed site and now go to ‘Integration’ option in the Wishlist Member settings page. Choose ‘Autoresponders’ in the integration part.

WordPress Mailchimp Integration

WordPress Mailchimp Integration

Now choose ‘Mailchimp’ form the drop down options the drop down has the various autoresponders integrations possible with Wishlist Member plugin for example aWeber, Mailchimp, Get Response, Autoresponder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire autoresponders.

Once we have selected the autoresponder we will see text boxes at the bottom of page. We need to place two details from the Mailchimp autoresponder account. First one is API key another one is Mailchimp List Unique Id these two parameters are necessary for the Mailchimp integration on WordPress site.

How to get Mailchimp API key and List Unique ID

  1. Mailchimp API key – we can get this in the autoresponder account once we have logged into the Mailchimp go here to get API key http://admin.Mailchimp.com/account/api/
  2. Lists Unique Id. To get the Mailchimp unique id, go here http://admin.Mailchimp.com/lists/
  3. Click on ‘Settings’. At the bottom of the page, which says “unique id for list NAME-OF-YOUR-LIST”,  we will get the Unique Id of the email list we need to integrate with WordPress.

Now the Mailchimp Inetgartion on WordPress done successfully so once the new member registered in the WordPress membership site registration page they will automatically added to the integrated list in the Mailchimp account.

So now the WordPress Mailchimp Integration plugin makes the integration easier and we can build the email list and manage the members and subscribers the way we want. This article will help us to add Mailchimp with your WordPress site and how we can capture emails of the readers into the unique list in the Mailchimp account.

Wishlist Member plugin allows to manage every members to their corresponding membership levels. Here we can use separate list name for individual membership levels used in the membership site creation.

The members or subscriber management is easy with this type of email autoresponder integration with WordPress. Because we know building email list is not the only task for the integration of Mailchimp with WordPress.

Member or Subscriber List Management in Mailchimp

The Wishlist Member plugin used to create membership website in which we can use multiple membership levels to give proper content to the customer based on their ability to accept the things. We can also setup subscription based membership site by using Wishlist Member.

Mailchimp Member Management

Mailchimp Member Management

If we had multiple membership levels and subscription type digital product then the member’s management after the subscription is a complex task. So we need use good autoresponders for managing every member. Wishlist provides full integration with Mailchimp to manage subscribers for different levels separately.

So here, we can have got an idea we can easily manage the subscribers if we had different unique list for different member levels in your WordPress.

How to Capture emails from Readers/ Visitors

The email capture form the subscriber has two intentions as follows,

  • To build Email list
  • To support/manage subscribers/members

Based on the intention of integration we can use different methods for Mailchimp integration with WordPress. These intentions will identify the location of integration in the sales or product launch funnel.

Mailchimp Integration to Build email list

Mailchimp Integration to Build email list

To build email list we need to integrate Mailchimp autoresponder in squeeze page or lead capture page of the product launch funnel. Here I would recommend OptimizePress WordPress theme for product launches and autoresponder integration here we can use single list for capturing email from the squeeze page.

The detailed integration process of Mailchimp on squeeze page explained here.

Integrate Multiple Mailchimp lists with WordPress plugin

To support the members inside the membership site we need to have plugin called Wishlist Member. Because we need to manage subscriber from different membership levels like silver, gold and platinum. Members from each level have different type of content and different type of question for their problem.

So we need to solve their problem accordingly with their levels of subscription. Wishlist Member offers to integrate multiple email list Id with multiple membership levels this option will makes everything easier for the management of members/subscribers of the membership site.

Is there multiple webform needed to capture emails?

For membership site there is no need for multiple form for the email capturing for different email list. Wishlist Member offers to use single registration page for the membership for one level, say for example silver level.

This registration form will be shown immediately after the payment has been made in the payment system. They payment system itself classifies the membership levels because of the variation in price for each membership levels.

Wishlist Member Integrates Mailchimp in WP

Wishlist Member Integrates Mailchimp in WP

So when we come to the membership registration. The registration page will come after the payment so need to worry about the autoresponder integration with different levels. Once the payment is made for the particular membership level during the membership registration the members are added to the unique list in the Mailchimp.

Only thing we need to create separate list in Mailchimp for each membership levels in the membership site. The remaining integration part explained in the Wishlist Members plugin settings page itself. Check out the video tutorial for Mailchimp integration with WordPress.

Can we customize the email capture form with Wishlist?

Wishlist Member can also give options to customize the registration form to capture emails from the Mailchimp integration. We know most of the membership plugins will not allow us to edit/customize the registration page.

In the general options page we can set up tank you page for the email capture for the Mailchimp integration. We know OptimizePress WordPress theme offers different templates for registration pages check the article here.

When a landing page visitors subscribes through the registration form they will be added to the corresponding membership levels level in WordPress and corresponding email list integrated in Mailchimp with WordPress.

Managing Subscribers/Members follow up message in Mailchimp

Mailchimp autoresponder provider free service the subscriber management is very easy because of its navigation. Once we have integrated different membership level with different email list unique id. We need to set up thank you pages for each list we have created in Mailchimp.

We should setup follow up messages for each list in the Mailchimp. Once the subscriber added to the particular list it means that a new member subscribed to a membership level we need to welcome theme with greetings.

Follow up Messages for each List

Follow up Messages for each List

Also we need to send the proper instruction to login their corresponding member area and relevant information need ted to access and navigate the entire content of the subscription levels. So follow up messages necessary to avoid post-sale questions from the customers.

We should notify the members if any membership level has updates. With help of the email broadcasting options in the Mailchimp account we can send notifications to all email list and particular email list. By using the broadcast filter options we can select range of subscriber for the email broadcasting.

The member/subscriber management is easy in membership site with Wishlist Member plugin used for maichimp autoresponder integration with WordPress.


We can use OptimizePress and Wishlist Member plugin combinations for the Mailchimp autoresponder integration with WordPress. Based on the purpose of the email autoresponder integration we can use Wishlist Member.

To bulid email list we can use OptimizePress for creating squeeze page templates and capturing email list. It has option form setup option to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress.

To manage subscribers and members in membership area we need to go for Wishlist Member plugin for integration. We can setup multiple lists for multiple levels only thing we need to have API key and mailchip list ID for integration.

We can customize the registration page in Wishlist Member. We can also use different templates in OptimizePress for login pages. Share your experience in comments section.

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