Types of Digital Products Creation for Small Business Startup in WordPress

by Suresh Karuppaiya

At present days small business startup initiated with the product launch. The product maybe complex software or just an eBook that is not at all a matter the intention for the first product launch is to learn the all the things about the product launch from market research to the marketing the product.

The main product part of the product launch variation is the way of delivering our valuable solution for the customer problem. The rest of the procedure is same as any the product launch. Because when we plan to launch a product in marketplace we need to do market research about identifying the customer problem.

Once we have identified the problem we need to analyze certain things like the life time of the problem for the customer. find out whether  it is possible to give the solution at one time or we needed to give solution at regular basis.

Based on the problem identified by the market research and the requirements need to solve the problem and time taken to resolve the issues are in the consideration of creating new product. With respect to this consideration we need to classify the product type in two methods of delivery as follows

  • Fixed type Digital products
  • Subscription based Digital products.

Fixed product and subscription based product has the different procedures for creation and setup.

Fixed Type Digital Products

Fixed products are downloadable products once the sales funnel where completed we can get the whole product immediately. But the subscription based product we need to release the content for the initial subscription period. We can release the content in the next subscription also.

For subscription based product the content delivery, content management and production process somewhat complicated than the fixed product. Some content protection software and plugins were made easy the complex procedures into simple.

Fixed type Digital products

Fixed type Digital products

For fixed type digital products have created based on solution the customer problem. The member area is optional for this type of fixed products. The member area only needed when we have the fixed product for the long time customer issues.  For example when we consider the long term issue we have to update our product after the certain period.

So for this kind of situation we need to have member area for the customer. Also the customer feels special to have the membership once they have purchased the product from us. This will keep long term strong relationship with the customer.

Fixed type digital WordPress products examples

  • eBook
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • And etc.

These are the fixed products have used around the WordPress. These types of product needs a new version upgrade based on the core WordPress upgrade. We need to check the compatibility about our product once the WordPress updated with new features. Because we have created the add-on product for the WordPress so we need to do compatibility test for every update form the WordPress.

If our product is not an add-on product for the WordPress then there is no need for the compatibility check. We can upgrade our product with new feature in a regular interval in order to survive in the market we have acquired during the product launch.

Create an eBook – Fixed type product

eBook creation is the simple way to learn the product launch and marketing strategies. Every successful bloggers have their own eBook in their websites. Ebook creation process has explained here. We need to target the smaller part of the competitive niche for the eBook creation.

We know every person have interest on certain things. Some people have special talent in sport, cooking, remodeling or playing a musical tool and others. EBook is the good way to express your talent and stuffs and experience in certain things.

eBook Creation fixed product

eBook Creation fixed product

For example when we consider a single person he has good talent in various fields. He can share his experience with an eBook. Many successful people have shares there life time experiences as an auto biography. Auto biography has written in printed books as well as eBooks.

EBook has certain advantages over printed books

  • Paperless virtual book can good for the environment.
  • The distribution method where easy to the readers
  • Cheaper to buy compare to physical Book.
  • We can adjust the font size according to the vision flexibility of the readers
  • Marketing on ebook in the online is like opening g the global market for you’re the physical product. so anyone can buy from anywhere is easy with eBooks.

Creation of an eBook contains some major point as mentioned below.

  • First we need to have ideas for the content to write the eBook
  • Target your audience and find their culture to make our eBook user friendly
  • Choose one format for wring the book once we have written we can convert it into the proper format we need to publish our eBook
  • Just focus on the chapter we want to cover in your eBook and then start writing without any disturbance.
  • Once you have created the eBook just market your eBook in global marketplaces for digital products.

Here we have 20 best eCover design software list. Choose one to create an eCover to finish the eBook for the product launch.

Develop Software – downloadable digital product

Software development is another way to create own fixed type product and launch in the marketplace. Once we found the solution for the customer problem. We are ready to convert it into a product. If the problem category is under the computers and software then we can develop the solution as software and use it in the market place.

When we consider WordPress we can create content production software, shopping website billing software, Review site software and Social networking script. These softwares are created based on the application we need in WordPress.

Only thing we need to upgrade the software if we had any version compatibility issues with current version of WordPress. Now a days in WordPress offers a simple solution for the software inclusion to extend the functionality of WordPress to next higher level called plugins. We can easily update the plugin functions with the procedure given in the WordPress.

Create Videos –Fixed type Product

Creating videos on particular human talent makes to be a good fixed product. For example we can create 20 video tutorials about making south Indian food. These tutorials cover all the procedure for cooking south Indian foods.

We can deliver the videos as fixed product or subscription based product. For fixed product all the videos can be downloaded after the sales funnel has been completed. Remaining all the procedure for the product launch is same all other products in the fixed type. See the procedure to create product launch funnel here.

Create Video for product launch

Create Video for product launch

For subscription based product create a members area and protect all the videos and give access for the some of the videos for the initial subscription the other videos access granted during the next period subscription. No upgrade is necessary for the video based products.

We can also create video tutorial for the customer support of other fixed products. We need to use some WordPress plugins to protect the videos.

Create WordPress Plugins and Themes

The most important product creation method around WordPress is creating plugins or themes. We know plugins and themes are the heart of the WordPress content management software. These plugins and themes can extend the WordPress functionality beyond the imaginary level.

The WordPress open source software comes up with some features and we can improve the function of WordPress by the plugins and we can get the good look for the WordPress websites using the WordPress themes.

Just do the market research on WordPress customer find the problem they feel with WordPress. Try to give solution for that problem by creating new WordPress plugin. The plugin creation procedure explained here. The only thing we need to upgrade the plugin when we have compatibility issues dung the WordPress update.

WordPress themes development

At present WordPress theme creation makes business startup glory. Find out the requirements for the WordPress theme creation. These requirements used to create different look and feel to the WordPress websites.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Themes and Plugins

When we create the theme we need to consider the search engine optimization as well as page loading time there are the important factors to create WordPress themes. The regular upgrade for the WordPress theme is important so it is better to have the member area for the next upgrade of the fixed product.

For subscription based WordPress products we can create products like course materials, membership site. Video tutorials for the different niche products like cooking. We will discuss subscription products in the next post.


The market research and analysis gives the requirements need to solve the customer problem and time taken to resolve the issues. These two are the important factors while creating new product around WordPress.

Based on the research information we can classify the own product launch in two types one is fixed type digital product another one is subscription based digital product creation.

For the fixed product we can take an example like eBook, Softwares, videos, themes and plugins. These are the product we can create around WordPress.  We will see the subscription based products like membership site, Course material delivery and etc.

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