Start a WordPress Blog or Website to Deliver your Values

by Suresh Karuppaiya

Hi everybody, I congratulate you for the intension to create a WordPress website or blog. Creating a website or blog in online is much useful to express your point of understanding the things around you.  The things around you may be business, life style, money making methods, critical life experiences or whatever it is you had different opinions on these things among other people in the world. The Blog or website is the right place to express your thoughts on one matter to people in any part of the world.

How to start a blog or website?

To start a general purpose website or blog in online is very easy. There are number of open source or closed source software’s are available to start a blog. WordPress is the most famous open source platform to create blogs and websites. Before Start the WordPress blog or website Two things you need to know.

  • Domain name
  • Hosting

Domain Name – The name of your blog or website which will be used to identify your blog by any internet users.


Hosting:  It is the place to store your valuable contents of your blog or website and transfer the data when it is needed. Every website and blog should have domain and hosting.

Free domain and Free Hosting is the website which allows you to create blogs with free domain name and hosting. But you cannot remove the WordPress extension in the domain name.  For example if you need a domain name as myblog. provides we can’t access full functionality of WordPress in free hosting. Plugins are the main part to achieve more custom functions in WordPress but will not provide access to install plugins in the website.

Another one is which is same as it gives free domain and hosting with extention of blogspot.  Example gives the self hosted open source software. Here you can use your own domain name and your own hosing. Here you can use You can achieve full functions of WordPress using self hosted WordPress (

How to Get Domain Name for your website or blog? and are the two famous domain registration website. Once you go to any one of these two websites you can check the availability of the domain name that you required. There is a possibility that your preferred domain name has been already taken by some other internet user. For this case you have to choose another domain name because each website or blog has unique domain name.

How to start a wordpress Blog

Start a WordPress Blog To Express You Provides only domain name. gives free hosing for the domain name which you have purchased in but limited space and bandwidth. So the best way is to buy domain name only in the above two website. You can use some other place for hosting. Once you registered the domain name you will get the name server details.


  2.   Some domain registrants provide three name servers.

The Name server used to link the domain with the hosting place. So you should link the name servers in the Hosting area. You can use these name servers in free hosting or free hosting with the domain name you have registered in or But the hosting area managed by blogger and respectively and it is not under the control of the blog or website owner also hosing space and some functions are limited. To use full functions of WordPress you should go for self hosting.

Where to get self Hosting for my blog or website?.

There are number of web hosting provides are available in online. Hostgator is one among the top hosting providers also they will provide good technical support for the hosting panel management and any software installation also Hostgator gives cpanel for the easy maintenance of you hosting account.

There are three types of hosting methods are available those are listed below

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS (Virtual private server) Hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is good enough for those who start the website or blog in online. It means one server shared among 10 or more hosting accounts also servers Hosting space and bandwidth shared among different hosting account each account has one cpanel owned by website or blog owner. Check out the detailed shared hosting plans available in Hostgator.  You should open one hosting account with a domain name and you may add number of domains as addon domain in the same hosting account. and are the some other shared hosting provides in online.

VPS (Virtual private server) Hosting

Virtual private server means one server has beenshared among different hosting accounts but the hosting space and bandwidth will not be shared by each hosting account. Each account has some range of hosting space and bandwidth but this will not shared to another account. You can create number of cpanel in the VPS hosting account. Check out the detailed VPS hosting plans available in Hostgator. and are some VPS hosting providers in online VPS hosting needed  when you have multiple sites with good traffic and more data available in your website but initially shared hosting is enough. At any time we can change shared hosting to VPS.

 Dedicated Server Hosting

One server has been allocated for one hosting account. Hosting space and bandwidth will not be shared to other account. We can use dedicated servers with unlimited websites, huge traffic and large amount of data. Check out the detailed dedicated server hosting plans available in Hostgator.

How to Host the domain in your hosting account?

Once you have registered domain name you will have name servers example and  Each hosting account needs one primary domain name. By using properly registered domain name we can open one hosting account in hostgator shared hosting.

Once you opened hosting account each account has hosting name servers example.


Initially each registered domain has hosted in domain registrant hosting. We should change the name servers of the domain to the new web hosting we have purchased.

How to add hosting name server to the domain registered account?.

Consider you have registered domain in And opened hosting account in hostgator shared hosting now you have two hosing name servers. and Now you should add these name servers into the domain name we have registered in

To add name servers follow the below steps.

  • Login to account.
  • Click on the particular domain name you have registered.
  • Click name servers.
  • Enter ns1 and ns2 details with hosting account IP address.
  • Now save the details

Within 24 hours your new name servers will be active. That’s all you have hosted the domain in hostgater. Now you are ready to install WordPress in the hosted domain to create WordPress blog or website.

Hotgator hosting control panel has software called fantastico which is used to install WordPress in one click. We can also do manual installation of WordPress.


To start WordPress blog or website two main thing we need to do one is find the good domain name in or offer coupon code FEB29 it will reduce your domain cost by 2.5 USD.

Second one is hosting here I would recommend hostgator initially shared hosting baby plan is enough. You can get 25 percent discount by using the coupon code HOUSTON. check out the hosting plans here. share your thoughts in comments section.


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