Remember Things to Create your Own Product Launch with WordPress

by Suresh Karuppaiya

Hi this is a time to express your values to the world with your formula. I have been on the internet for full time to promote the useful products to the customers those who have the problem.

I started first as an affiliate for other people’s products, but I have recently started selling my own products. So here I would like to share some of my tips to make your product profitable in selling and product launch in WordPress.

Create Own Product which solves customer problem

First create your own product. Even if you have already created your own product this article may have some valuable tips to read further.

Before creating the product the first thing we need to do is make sure that our product is solving a particular customer problem.

For example, If anyone wants to keep their body fit they our product will provide the solution to make them with a good body structure. So it is important to keep our products main motto is to solve a customer problem.

A boy wants to impress his girlfriend by cooking her a nice dinner it was natural… but the problem is he doesn’t know anything about cooking. For these types of customer issues we can create video episodes to learn cooking with different type of dishes. And it teaches a beginner how to cook like chef – here you were solving a problem of the boy.

If you’re your product will not solve any customer problem we will not achieve anything to sell your product. So keep in mind our product must solve one customer problem.

Analyze market and Find people looking to solve the problem

Consider we are going to write the guide about how to play Farmville game in Facebook with hidden concepts of Farmville success. Before the strategic planning to start writing we need to analyze the market and find out whether there is enough Farmville users who have need the solution to know the hidden concepts of Farmville.

The huge amount of traffic will not help your for conversion and selling any product in the market. The marketing, selling are the two important parts of product launch. Keep in mind we are going to sell our product only to the targeted people on small amount or millions of people.

Analyze Market and Find Customers

Analyze Market and Find Customers

Only thing we need to focus on the people who have the problem that our product ready to solve. We know if we have large market for an issue we have more competition. But we have lots of potentials customers available in the in the competitive market.

So we need to find the big market and find a smaller niche people within that market. For example if you are creating a product about Farmville tips then we can focus the product Farmville tips for making more number of gold in the game and still have a big market. If you are ready to create membership site about cooking than we can narrow our product market as tutorials to prepare Indian meals.

Create Strategic planning for the product creation

The common problem many people have they will spend more hours to create good product. But only some of the people have interested to do research before start creating the product. We need to analyze the market and find what we are offering to the customer before start creating the product.

Another important thing is pricing your product. It is important to have the product cost is at least four times lesser than the benefits for the customer who buy our product. For example if our product price 50$ then our product will make the customer at least 200$ profit or saving.

So pricing is the important factor for our product to reach high level in the competitive market.

Types of Product Creation

We have two types of product in the market as follows

  1. One time downloadable products
  2. Subscription based Products

We need to setup product launch differently for these two types of product. If we have product on the first category one time downloadable products say for example Ebooks, softwares and etc. For these kinds of products we need to setup product launch procedure with slightly different from subscription based products.

The first type is somewhat easier than the subscription based product launch. There are some Softwares like Wishlist, aMember are used to protect our product apart from the paid customer in the market.

Product Package Completion and launch

Now we have awesome product in our hand which solves one customer problem. The next step is Packaging and creating the product launch funnel.

We have number of market places to promote our product by connecting affiliates and vendors. Say for example Clickbank, Ejunkie, Commission junction an etc,  are the popular market places for small business product.

At this point we may think that for downloadable and subscription based digital product why we need packaging. But it is important to have packaging to promote your product in the market place.

e cover for Product launch

e cover for Product launch

Packaging in the sense we need to create ecover for selling Ebooks, For downloadable software we can use videos and etc.  For membership sites can make membership cards, and video courses can create DVD cases.

These types of virtual packaging will make our product look more valuable in the eyes of potential customers. This will keep the customers mind our product is just like physical but our product isn’t actually physical and that it is just for display and conversion purposes.

Packaging includes protection of the product and delivery process at the end of the product launch funnel. The product launch funnel contains all the steps in the sales process from squeeze page setup to product delivery to the customer.

Sales Template or Website creation for the Product

We need to have professional looking template for your product’s sales page to market your product. No need to hire a designer to create sales page for your product now a days have some WordPress theme specially designed for product launches.

These WordPress theme have complete templates for the sales funnel example OptimizePress, Profits Theme are the good among the product launch WordPress themes. I notice when I go through online some of the good looking sales page templates will not succeeds. But some ugly sales templates will have huge success on selling the product.

So actually the selling point not fully depends in the sales template. It has another point of conversion we need to focus on them. Here I leave your decision to make your sales page template ugly or pretty good test with your own.

Sales letter templates for product launch

What I would recommend for website or sales template design is that you choose a template that allows you to have important sales page content above the fold. That means the main part of your website that is visible when people first see on your sales page without making the mouse scrawl.

This gives you an area to display an eye catching headline with biggest benefit of the product, Sales video, and benefits of the product with bullets. Here visitors will see all the things in the first look.

I also recommend having a sales page design that isn’t too distracting. Try to keep the eyes focused on the sales letter. Eliminating sidebars and other distracting stuffs like out links that takes the eye away from customer intention to buy the product in the sales letter.

During this process we need to use good theme for product launch here I recommend OptimizePress WordPress theme which has different templates for squeeze pages and sales funnel page. This theme specially designed for product launch.

OptimizePress Page Templates

OptimizePress Page Templates

Apart from the sales letter template we need to have to integration with sales page one is auto responder email integration another one is payment system integration on sales page. These are the two extremely important integrations were used in any product launch funnel processes.

Driving Traffic to Sales landing page

It is necessary to drive targeted traffic to the sales landing page of the product. Once we have finished the product creation and website setup or sales letter setup for the product. The next thing we will need targeted traffic for conversion.

We can able to discuss number of way to drive traffic to the landing pages we will see this later, but here I will just throw out some ideas here.

Search engine traffic for long tail Keywords

The first thing we can get natural traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo. Only thing is we need to make sure that our pages have proper Title tag, Meta description and meta keywords and other search optimization tips for search engines.

Depends on the niche market of the product we should find the buying keywords. These buying keywords are the solution for customer problem which solves our product.

Traffic from Search Engines

Traffic from Search Engines

Short tail keywords and long tail keywords for Traffic

The short keywords make more money than long tail keywords. But it is difficult to optimize our product launch pages to rank high for shot keywords in the competitive niche market. So we need to focus on long tail keywords for search engine traffic.

For example, if you have a weight loss product it will be very tough to rank for ‘weight loss product’ or ‘how to lose weight’. For this kind of situation we need to focus on large number of long tail keywords for sales page traffic from search engines.

The easiest way to get more traffic for long tail keywords makes 10 articles around the product long tail keywords which makes more traffic from the search engines.

Short tail Keywords for Pay per click

For Short key words just focus on paid advertising like google adwords. This is the place we can create and run ads and pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad and those people will be comes to your sales page. Pay per click is popular on Google, Bing. We can also use Stumbupon and Facebook paid advertisement for getting sales page traffic.

Affiliate promotion for the product

Final thing is affiliate promotion some affiliate networks does a great job with connecting affiliates and product vendors. As you probably already know, you can get other people to promote your product for a percentage of commission per sales.

If you provide downloadable products it will give more money when we had more number of sales. So I highly recommend looking at offering at least 50% commissions.  Fifty percent commission will be equalize if you double the number of sales.

So go and find affiliate for your products. Find people who are promoting other products within your niche and ask them if they’d be willing to promote your product. And Join as vendor in the affiliate network in your niche.

Also I highly recommend putting up an affiliate page, and link to it from the footer of your site. On this page include your banners that affiliate can use. First we should create the affiliate page easier then only more affiliates can easily promote our product.


Creating own product with WordPress makes you to earn more money. Things to remember while creating own product in WordPress. We know we may spend more hours to create product but we need to spend some hours to analyze the market and find what our product can offer to solve the customer issues.

We have two type of product one is onetime downloadable product another one is subscription based product. We have slightly different procedure for product launch funnel setup.

It easy to setup product launch in WordPress we have specially designed themes (like Profits theme and OptimizePress) for product launch. So no needs to hire a designer for setup product launch pages.

Driving traffic to the sales pages have many ways just focus on long tail keyword by content writing with proper search engine optimization. For short tail keywords use PPC ads in search engines and Facebook, StumbleUpon paid Ads.

Find affiliates for the products there are number of affiliate networks which connects affiliates and vendors. Make affiliate pages easier to understand by the affiliate and give all instruction and requirements to the affiliate in the same page itself.

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