Own Product Launch Process to Sell Products in Marketplace

by Suresh Karuppaiya

Every product launch mechanism in WordPress has slightly different procedure with others. The procedure differs based on the product type whether downloadable product or subscription based product remind few thing before the product creation.

But the every product launch has certain common processes in its funnel. To remain competitive and achieve growth in the field of online, we need to master the particular process. The process includes a new product launch.

There is small space for error during the launch, a live and unforgiving audience covers customers, and analysts and many factors that require coordination t get successful product launch. The steps involved in the own product launch as follows.

  • Analyze the market
  • Product Creation
  • Squeeze page setup
  • Sales letter setup
  • Auto responder integration
  • Payment system integration
  • Content protection and delivery
  • Affiliate Page setup
  • Customer support
  • Testing the product launch funnel

Analyze the Market to find customer problem

Market analysis with an intention to find the competitive niche and targeting people in small area of the competitive niche is important for a successful product launch. A good product launch starts with satisfying the needs and requirement of your target market with your product features.

This will be the major part of a product manager who involved in creating new product to the organization. However, even if you don’t have a product manager we need to assign the person to lead the product creation process by matching customer requirements with product feature.

Analyze the Market and Target problems

Analyze the Market and Target problems

If you are delivering a new product into the market it has the intention make money by solving the customer problem. There are two important things in market analysis as below

  • You have to make sure that your product is solving a real problem.
  • The customer has also willing to pay you to solve the problem.

Simply we can’t just believe there is a problem with the customer we need to solve the issue with our product.  The thing is to identify the exact problem and find the solution for the same. A successful product launch doesn’t provide other things rather than then the market needs

And finally customers naturally want to buy the solution for their problem.  The most of the product owners doesn’t feel forced to conduct market research because, after all, they’ve lived it and understand it is better than anyone else for good product launch.

Create Own Product to Solve customer Issue

Own product creation includes the selection of the product type. It is fully based on the intention of why we are offering the product to the customer. Whether it is a downloadable product or subscription based product, it needs to solve the customer problem with its feature.

The product creation process involves determining the goal of product creation to packaging the actual product. Even though we have digital product we need to feel the customer it is a real product so we need engage the customer to feel the product is to be physical in nature.

The product creation is also contains quality checking and testing with the inter employees of the organization before get into the market. Because we need to solve the minor issues with the product before it has live in the market place.

Squeeze page Setup for the Product launch

The main motto of setup squeeze page for the product launch is to create buzz to the product launch and collecting the email list for the final launch. The squeeze page setup is the first step in the sales funnel in the customer point of view. So we need to give better first impression on the product in the squeeze page itself.

A squeeze page generally doesn’t have as same as a sales letter, but most squeeze pages have some text with social proof and bullet points listing the benefits of the product we have. Remember the squeeze page is essential when it come to building the email list.

Some squeeze pages will also contains good graphics, including a header and footer, and we have the most important graphics such as an eCover for a free report about the customer problem and its solution. OptimizePress WordPress theme gives all graphics needed for the squeeze page. This report is a reward for subscribing in on squeeze page.  The entire purpose of the squeeze page is to get a new subscriber.

Now many of the WordPress theme offers inbuilt different squeeze templates just get the theme no need to hire a designer to create a squeeze page for your product launch and list building.

Sales Letter for the Product launch

Sale letter is the important step in the sales funnel. So we need to touch the customer by their emotional response for the sales letter. Remember there is no distraction on the sales letter page other than buying the product and customer support.

The major thing on the sales page is the headline and sales video. The page headline contains the biggest benefit of the product and sales video cover how our product is going to solve the customer problem.

Sales funnel Setup

Sales funnel Setup

One thing we need to consider while creating sales letter distraction. Identify the possibilities of when the customer quits the sales page. Here I listed some of the main parts in the sales page we need to balance to remain the customer on the sales page itself.

  • Product Value
  • Benefit
  • Price comparison
  • Competition
  • Proof

If you properly compose your sales page distraction you will be able to successfully get in touch with each prospect’s needs and interest. This gets you one step closer to making the sale:  this will be the ultimate goal of sales page. OptimizePress WordPress theme provides 29 different templates for sales page setup.

Auto responder Integration on Product launch

The email auto responder integration during the product launch will have two purposes. One is to build email list another one is the immediate responder to the customer. Based on these purposes the integration can be held at different area of the product launch funnel.

To build email list and creating buzz for the launch we need to integrate email auto responder system with the squeeze page of the funnel. There are number of email auto responder systems available to do this job, some of them as follows

  • Aweber
  • Mail chimp
  • Get response
  • 1Shopping cart
  • Infusion soft
  • iContact
  • Constant Contact
  • Self hosted email auto responders
  • And etc.

These are some of the frequently used auto responder system in product launch. All the email systems provide the list building options and each one with special features.

Email Auto responders

Email Auto responders

The second purpose of the auto responder systems is faster response to the customer.  If the customer completes the sales funnel they want to get faster response for the product owners. For this kind of situation we need to setup follow up messages in the auto responder system after the successful subscription of the product.

The email auto responder provides the integration with payment system and also content protection system of the product launch. According to the purpose of the auto responder the integration held various places of the launch funnel.

Payment system Integration on Sales page

The mode of payment method has very important for any product launch. Payment method setup includes two main parts as follows

  1. Choosing right payment system.
  2. Payment system  Integration

Choose the right payment system

Before finding the payment suitable payment system for the launch, we should have clear idea about how we wanted to set the payment process for product.  Product type and content delivery we should decide the payment system because some system may not compatible with our method of payment processing.

Payment System for product launch

Payment System for product launch

There are number of payment systems are available eg:

  • Clickbank,
  • Paypal,
  • 1Shopping cart,
  • e-junkie,
  • etc..

But all the payment systems are not identical. Some of them may provide trail period and others are not. So when we choose payment system we had answer for the below questions.

  1. How the payment has processed for the launch?
  2. Which payment system provides the requirements?

If you have answer for these two questions then we can choose our payment system easily.

Commonly payment system integration on sales funnel involves the configuration among these four pages.

  1. Sales letter and sales order page
  2. Thank you page
  3. Registration page
  4. Welcome page

Some of the payment systems give option to integrate auto responder directly with payment system. Others won’t, so we need to take care of this thing during the integration. But complete product launch funnel integration involves both payment and auto responder.

Content Protection and Delivery methods

Based on the product type we can use the content protection software or plugins for the product launch. Subscription based product needs more content protection over the period of subscription.  Proper content delivery with the subsection period is necessary.

So we need to choose the content protection plugins or software according to the purpose of the product launch and type of the product. Because we know the course material needs different type of protection over the ebook or software.

Some of the plugins may not offer the protection for the media files which hosted in third party hosting like amazons3 and others. Here I listed some content protection software’s and plugins below.

  • Amember
  • Wishlist member plugin
  • Magic member plugin
  • Member wing
  • S2member
  • WordPress emember
  • And etc

These are the some of the plugins and software for content production. Apart from this we can use clickbank and ejunkie for downloadable products.

Affiliate Page setup to double your Sales

Some of the marketplaces and affiliate networks are done good job by connecting affiliates and product vendors. So now it is easy to find affiliate for our products. Only thing we need to setup good commission for them and we have to provide all information needed for an affiliate to promote your product in one page.

 Affiliates Double the Sales

Affiliates Double the Sales

The page has called as affiliate page or partners page of the product here the product owner give the information about the product, Email copy for the product after sales and different size banners to promote the product.

Most importantly If you are running your own affiliate program. Then we need to give the proper guidelines for joining the affiliate program and payout information for the affiliate. And support email for the affiliate if they had and queries about the product promotion.

Customer support Makes to buy with confidence

We need to document product launch operations for future reference. The purpose of the Product Launching Procedure is to document the plan for product development, execution, and coordination between customer and the support people for the product.

The activities of the product launching, including schedule and budget and support we need to document. The product launching plan provides an effective and successful introduction of your products into the marketplace as we as guide the support people to give proper tech support for the customers if they had an issue with the product.

Instant Customer support

Instant Customer support

Instant support is necessary for any product launch. Even 24 hours live support is good for pre sale and post sales and technical questions about the product.

The support given in various forms includes text (chat), voice (telephone) as well as video (tutorials) is good enough for the product tech support for the successful product launch. You have good support for your product which makes the customer to buy with confidence.

Testing the product launch funnel

Many product owners have experienced different problems during their product launches we can’t launch a product without problem. But we can reduce the problem 99.9% with help of testing the setup. The problem may arise from the customer end on the product setup itself.

So we need to test the setup from the two perspective one is customer point of view another one is product development point of view. Once we completed the configuration and integration part of the product launch funnel. We should test the integration functionality which gives confidence to launch the product.

If you missed any part of integration or when had minor issues in the customer side which would be identified during the testing so we can easily identify and troubleshoot the problems before launching the product. It can reduce the live time issues during the product launch. We have seen each step with detailed explanation in upcoming posts.


Any new product creation and launch funnel setup starts with the market analysis to find the small targeted area of a competitive market. In this market people have ready to pay for the solution for their problem.

The product creation and content delivery to the customer fully depends on the product type whether it is downloadable or subscription based product. Based on the type we can choose the content protection software and plugins.

The email auto responder and payment system integration held various parts of sales funnel according to the purpose of the email system integration. Setting up affiliate pages will increase the sales with fewer efforts. Many market places provide the opportunity to find affiliate for the product promotion.

Faster support makes the customer to buy your product with confidence. Both three forms (text, voice and video) of supports make sales easier. Testing the product launch funnel will reduces the launch time problems with customer as well as product.

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