PayPal WordPress Integration for Payment Processing

by Suresh Karuppaiya

Every membership site creation procedure and product launch funnel needs two important things one is Email auto responder integration another one is payment gateway system integration. PayPal is one of the most convenient ways of payment processing for all online users.

PayPal is the most popular and widely used payment network for product launches and other donations. Also PayPal is the most preferred method for online payment. PayPal Offers Payment solutions and services to various enterprises and websites.

For a fast and easier way of online payment processing PayPal is the complete solution. We know PayPal has enabled global eCommerce by its simple payment option and easier across different places, currencies and languages.  Also it will be easier to accept payments by providing merchant services like ‘Buy Now’ buttons as well as shopping cart facilities.

PayPal Integration for Membership sites

Now a days many people want to offer premium content to the subscribers so they want to setup membership site exclusively for the members of their own website. PayPal has two options to integrate payment processing for these membership sites.

  • One time payment
  • Subscription type payment

Both have different procedures for the integration with the WordPress sites. For onetime Payment we can get full access for the product or services immediately after the payment has done. For subscription product we need to setup recurring period and expiration time for the payment processing.

PayPal Integration with WordPress

PayPal Integration with WordPress

Consider we planned to create a subscription payment button as mentioned above, and then manually add members to your site.  The subscription service will take regular payments until your customer cancels the payment. So don’t worry about recurring payment process by PayPal for the membership site payment.

Wishlist Member plugin is the best way to integrate WordPress membership sites with PayPal payment system. It offers both one time and subscription payments.

There are a number of membership site plugins which take the payment system integration to a higher level, all the work has already been done for you.  So simply specify your account details and the rest will be done as per the plugins used.

Most importantly the process of cancelling memberships when a subscription is cancelled is done automatically and your content is hidden from the non-member. Wishlist Member WordPress membership plugin will offer all the options motioned above for the integration with WordPress.

Before checking the procedure for the PayPal Integration we need to know the benefits of PayPal pro integration with WordPress sites.

Benefits to Integrate PayPal Pro with WordPress Site

PayPal has a good record keeping system. We can keep a track of the transactions. It offers a secure payment method so we cannot see the buyer’s credit card details. Accepting money through PayPal is easier than any other payment system.

PayPal offers a premium way for payment processing called Payment Pro. PayPal Pro is a virtual terminal that allows site owners to process membership payments from our customers. Integrating PayPal Pro with the WordPress website will provide a number of benefits to both site owners and their customers.

We can list the benefits below

  • No separate Gateways needed
  • Low pricing
  •  Good support
  • Simple Admin options
  • Fraud protection filters

These are five important benefits we will get by using the PayPal Pro.

1. No separate gateways Needed

PayPal Pro allows merchants with all of the features that they need for payment processing and combining payment gateways solution. Most of the payment systems will not provide option for all payment system gateways into one.

In case of PayPal Pro no need to get separate relationships with multiple merchant bank accounts, gateways, and credit card companies for payment processing.

2. Low Pricing

One of the best reasons for its popularity is the low price. Currently, the monthly fee is only $30, with no gateway fees, all other fees. There is a comparatively small transaction fee that is based on your monthly transaction totals. If you had more amounts in monthly transaction they will reduce the transaction fees.

Low cost Payment System

Low cost Payment System

3. Good Support

PayPal Pro provides extensive support features to make sure that everything goes fine. They have not offer telephone support, email support, text chat support, help center, and online support, but they also offer dedicated account managers for accounts that process more than $50,000 a month.

4. Simple Administration

We know one of the most difficult ways to process the payment is dealing with different merchants. When you integrate PayPal Pro with your WordPress we can get easy to navigate different reports from different merchant at one place including transaction details, and monthly sales.

Especially for recurring billing we can also manage all of individual merchants and even search previous transactions for specific sales and customers.

5. Fraud Protection filters

The toughest part of payment processing in managing separate merchant accounts, credit card processors, and payment gateways is fraud protection.  This causes problem especially during the cancellation of membership or subscription. When we integrate WordPress with PayPal Pro, you get automatic fraud screening and address verification logs.

The ability to process recurring payments automatically, has made PayPal Pro especially popular for websites that have products and membership sites which require recurring subscriptions. PayPal Pro integration on your membership site we suggest Wishlist Member WordPress membership plugin.

PayPal Integration and Manage Subscriber with Wishlist

Wishlist Member plugin offers double benefit for WordPress integration it act like a good payment gateway for onetime payment and recurring payment subsection.

Apart from this payment system integration this plugin allows us to integrate email auto responders like aWeber, Mailchimp, Get Response, Auto responder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire.

Not only PayPal Wishlist Member plugin also give options to integrate other payment systems like 1ShoppingCart, Clickbank, infusionsoft, Cydec, Premium Web Cart and 2Checkout . we can also create membership content and protect them using Wishlist Member.

PayPal Integration by Wishlist

PayPal Integration by Wishlist

We can grant access to the people who subscribed via PayPal. Get Wishlist Member plugin to setup membership site in WordPress.

Procedure for WordPress PayPal Integration

Wishlist Member membership site plugin will offers PayPal integration fully the process described below just follow the steps for the full integration of payment system for membership site and product launches.

Steps involved in WordPress PayPal payment system integration.

  • Login to the Wishlist dashboard of the WordPress site in which we have installed Wishlist Member plugin.
  • Click on ‘WL options’ for the payment system integration.
  • We know we have integrated auto responder already so we can have different membership levels inside the WordPress site.
  • For integration of auto responders and payment system click on ‘Integration’ on link on the Wishlist dashboard.
  • We have two options auto responders and shopping cart integration.
  • Click on shopping cart integration. Here you will have a dropdown option. In this dropdown we have list of payment systems possible with Wishlist Member plugin.
  • Select ‘PayPal’ from the dropdown list.
WishList PayPal Integration

WishList PayPal Integration

That’s we have another Five steps to complete the PayPal WordPress integration fully.

Five steps of PayPal WordPress integration using Wishlist Member plugin as follows

  • Configure PayPal settings
  • PDT identity Token
  • Create buy now button
  • Setup thank You page URL
  • Advanced variables field

Once we have finished these five steps we will successfully completed WordPress PayPal integration using Wishlist Member plugin.

 1. Configuring PayPal Settings

  • Login your PayPal account you want to integrate with WordPress.
  • Go to ‘My Account’ àProfileàWebsite Payment Preferences in your PayPal account.
  • Turn ON ‘Auto Return and Payment data transfer options.
  • Fill out the ‘Return URL’ in the box provided. This box should not be blank. Example: use the homepage of the WordPress site as return URL box it has recommended.

2.  PDT Identity Token

To get PDT identity token from PayPal follow the below steps

Go to My AccountàProfileàWebsite Payment Preferences.

Get the PDT token and Paste it in the PayPal integration settings options in the Wishlist Member dashboard and save it. The PDT token will integrate PayPal with WordPress.

3.  Create ‘Buy now’ button in PayPal

The Buy Now or subscribe button creation is the important step in the WordPress PayPal integration. When we chose buy now or subscription button we need remember our product type.

Whether our product is one time payable or subscription based we can choose the button in PayPal. During the creation of buy now button we need to specify the item name and subscription ID.

PayPal Buy Now button

PayPal Buy Now button

When it comes to recurring payment we need to specify the trail period, billing cycle, regular payment period and recurring billing profile for the subscription button creation.

These details are displayed in the link we have got to add it is the sales page. When it comes to sales page template I would recommend OptimizePress sales letter templates for the membership site payment integration.

OptimizePress is the best theme for product launches and membership site creation. It has many different templates for sales letter payment integration, membership content production and product launch funnel setup page.

4. Setup Thank You Page URL in PayPal

Once the payment has successfully done via PayPal the subscriber will be redirected to the thank you page URL provided here.

Copy the ‘Thank You page URL’ form the PayPal integration page of the Wishlist dashboard.  Payment integration page has the thank you page URL we need to copy and paste it in to the PayPal product settings in the PayPal account.

5.  Advanced variables field

Copy the code shown on the Wishlist dashboard PayPal integration page and paste it in to the ‘Advanced variables field’ option in PayPal account. During the creation of the buy now or subscription based products.

That’s we have done the WordPress PayPal integration using Wishlist Member plugin. Finally we can get the subscription button code and paste it in the optimize pages sales page templates used in the membership site creation.

Test the PayPal WordPress Integration in Wishlist

We have done the payment system integration successfully if we have finished the test we can leave from here with confidence.

First thing we need to reduce the product cost to $0.01 for testing the integration because we don’t have test card (available in clickbank) for testing the integration.

Testing Membership Site Setup

Testing Membership Site Setup

Replace the old payment link with new reduced cost link in the sales page. Now click on the buy now button in the sales page and make the test payment.  Once your payment is successfully done, you will be redirected to the registration page of the Wishlist Member.

Register with necessary details needed in the registration form. Once you have successfully registered, you will get login details in your email that will be used for the registration. Now you can login to the members’ area and check out the access for the subscription (Keep in mind we have already setup membership content settings in Wishlist).

If you have already integrated email auto responder with Wishlist Member, after the payment has done and registered in membership site the email will automatically added in auto responders. Check out Mailchimp the auto responder integration with WordPress here.


The complete membership site setup and product launch funnel has email auto responder integration, content protection mechanism and Payment system integration.

We can use Mailchimp for auto responders, Wishlist Member for content protection and PayPal for payment processing. Also we can use OptimizePress for product launch funnel and membership site setup.

PayPal has a good record keeping system. We can keep a track of the transactions. It offers a secure payment method as we cannot see the buyer’s credit card details. Accepting money through PayPal is easier than any other payment system.

PayPal pro is the premium payment gateway for membership site settings. PayPal integration with WordPress has done simply in five steps using Wishlist Member plugin. Configure PayPal settings, PDT identity Token, Create buy now button, Setup thank You page URL and Advanced variables field are the five simple steps of integration.

Once you have finished the WordPress PayPal integration test the integration with minimal cost of $0.01. Share your experience in Comment section.

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