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by Suresh Karuppaiya

OptimizePress WordPress theme is created by James Dyson. Creating pages or templates like OptimizePress will cost us hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Just think about how many dollars we have spend to setup membership page templates like sales page, squeeze page, Product launch pages. One theme has all these templates with many customizable features.

James has created the templates in OptimizePress based on years of testing and designing for high-end marketing clients so these template designs are proven to convert landing page visitors into leads.

OptimizePress is my strongest recommendation for launching new product. Example if you’re looking to create any kind of sales funnel for your business or want to build a list, or create a membership site definitely we are in need of convertible design in the landing pages.  OptimizePress has covered all the needs to promote a new product in the market.

OptimizePress Review

When we create a product we may spend a ton of hours for putting together the videos, resources, documentation because we really focused on the quality of the content. So that we can fulfill the members expectation inside the membership site but also we need to think about the Presentation of quality content inside the members area for this we must need a template like OptimizePress.

We know our content was solid enough to meet customers expectation we need good landing page templates and sales funnel to give the quality content to the customer. OptimizePress has 29 sales letter templates, 19 different squeeze page designs, Necessary membership site template, Social media integration and sales funnel setup for the product launch.

Why we Need Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages

When it comes to the internet, distractions are everywhere on the webpage. The affiliate and internet marketers have quickly realize that if a landing page visitor need to signup or subscribe for our list or in membership content we need to have catchy squeeze page design and sales letters. There we have limited distraction for the landing page visitors.

The Sales and Squeeze pages are mainly used for the landing page visitor to direct theme to focus about the purpose of the page was created. These pages give them all of the information about the final decision of a customer regarding the product purchase.

We should use the specific call to action and offers which make them to covert as a member of the product. OptimizePress WordPress theme has the ability to easily convert the landing page visitors into members.

OptimizePress Theme Features and Benefits

We can create Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages, Launch pages, One Time Offer Pages and Membership sites without having knowledge about the PHP or HTML. The list of features of OptimizePress shown below

  • 19 different squeeze page templates
  • OptimizePress Squeeze page contains Big headlines
  • Clear offers for visitors
  • Benefits of the products with bullets
  • Strong call to action
  •  No distraction in squeeze page
  • Videos about the how the product can solve customer problems
  • Autoresponder  forms to build email list
  • Exit popup system
  • Sales video explains solution for customer problem
  • Navigation and Header logo
  • Bonus gives satisfaction to the customers money
  • Social proof like testimonials
  • Setup pages for the product launch
  • Product launch funnel configuration
  • Members login page templates
  • Members welcome page template
  • Modules page for delivering membership Content
  • Content delivery page template
  • Membership Error page

These features are available in OptimizePress internet marketing theme we will see the biggest benefits of OptimizePress theme below.

Create Squeeze Pages to Build A List and Capture Leads

OptimizePress internet marketing theme has 19 different squeeze page templates we can use any one of them to create landing pages for building a list for the product launch. It’s a great idea to build a list from our existing sites and blogs with a popup subscription form like Popup Domination plugin.

The ’squeeze pages’ are the first step of the sales funnel for launching a new product. Here we want to capture the email of the visitors in to a list and satisfy them with an eBook or gift.  We need to drive traffic from various traffic sources like search engines, social media and other referring websites.

OptimizePress Squeeze Page Templates


Squeeze page is the first filter of the sales funnel. The filtered members will set to the second step called product sales page. We can modify the pre-headline, headline, add a squeeze page video (just enter your video URL or embed code) and more details easily with OptimizePress product launch theme.

We need just few minute to setup squeeze pages for build email list and capture new Leeds from the landing page visitors. We have 19 different templates with different position of optin form placement and video placement with perfect style. Checkout more details about squeeze page settings here.

Build Awesome Sales Pages with OptimizePress

The sales page is design and style is very important because a sales copy will make conversions and convert as many visitors into buyers.

This is the web page we need to place testimonial boxes, Product benefits, bonus boxes and add to cart buttons and more. We need to arrange all the elements with proper alignment. OptimizePress offers 19 different layouts for sales page of any product launch.

Create new sales letter templates need few clicks in OptimizePress. The elements we have in OptimizePress theme template not only make our sales pages look great, they really increase the conversion rates in the sales page.

If we go with a designer or freelancer to create sales page for our product launch they will arrange the sales page elements in a layout. It needs lots of time and money OptimizePress offers these templates with cheapest price.

We can choose from a wide range of template styles including full width headers, headers with logo and plain templates, as well as designs with or without sidebars for our convenience. OptimizePress offers powerful shortcodes system to customize the sales letter for the product launch.

OptimizePress Sales Page Templates

The sales page template also makes easy for us to add our own video in the sales letter, we can use our own hosted video or hosted on Amazon S3 or use a video from an external site like Youtube. OptimizePress  also has  extra features like the delayed order buttons.

Integration of Social Media in OptimizePress theme

Another great feature of OptimizePress is to integrate very easily with social media. By just checking a box we can allow our members, or website visitors, to share pages of the website with their friends on Facebook or followers on twitter, using some attractive social media icons.

The program includes tools to make it easy for your pages to go viral. Facebook comments can be integrated in a few clicks. OptimizePress uses the power of these social networking sites to create massive traffic for our landing page. Get OptimizePress now.

We can also allow Facebook comments on our pages by checking a button, so that whenever someone leaves a comment on in our site, it will automatically shared on Facebook.

Membership Site Setup Templates in OptimizePress

If we are looking to create a membership site, OptimizePress has a bunch of options for setting up the layout and design of our membership site. OptimizePress have Members login page templates, Members welcome page template, Modules page for delivering membership, Content and Content delivery page template and Membership Error page. Check out membership site setup here.

OptimizePress membership site theme includes training to show users how to incorporate membership site plugins like Digital Access Pass, Wishlist Member, and Nanacast with OptimizePress. Users will able to customize virtually everything on their membership site including thumbnails and navigation menu colors.

OptimizePress have the membership page welcome page with extensive navigation and sidebar menus used for greater user experience inside the membership site. Depending on the membership site plugin or software we have used, we can place links in the sidebar about the membership details and login information.

OptimizePress Membership site Templates

For example, If we provide monthly course every month content available as link in the sidebar of the membership site. OptimizePress also have membership templates module it will be helpful to deliver membership content in any format for example, Text, image or video format of the content.

By using the membership templates of OptimizePress, we can easily create good lopk for the membership site hom page and content delivery pages. In membership content delivery areas where we can deliver downloadable videos with custom video player using OptimizePress.

OptimizePress also allows us to create and customize menus for our membership pages, and automatically creates module pages link with content listings for all pages in every membership level. So our membership site looks greater navigation for all the content inside the membership site. OptimizePress creates all membership site templates within an hour.

Product Launch Funnel Setup in OptimizePress Theme

OptimizePress is one of the best internet marketing WordPress theme recommended by many affiliates and internet marketers. When we look up the big product launches setup they have lots of hours to create product launch funnel for their product launch. OptimizePress reduces the time and cost for setup product launch funnel for the launch.

Product Launch funnel setup

The sales funnel or product launch funnel setup is the key for the success for every internet marketers and affiliates. This funnel setup makes the difference in conversion. James tested and designed these setup for long years and find the solution for the funnel setup with the WordPress theme called OptimizePress internet marketing theme.

 Get OptimizePress now.

OptimizePress allows us to easily setup a Launch Sequence with easy steps like Setup pages for the product launch and Product launch funnel configuration setup and procedure. Every sales funnel has certain difference in conversion. We can also setup pre launch for the product using the OptimizePress internet marketing theme.

In the product launch theme we can create these product launch funnels, including essential features like facebook comments, social sharing icons and high impact video embedding and other setup with simple OptimizePress admin settings. It is the cheap internet marketing theme recommended by many marketers and affiliates.

Templates Customization Easy with OptimizePress 

One of the great features about OptimizePress is it has templates customization for the available templates. We know OptimizePress comes with a bundle of graphics with the theme itself. We can also buy additional images with help of OptimizePress graphics pack. It has many different images and designs for the customization.

It also have number of headers, call to action, guarantee, and other graphics to improve the look and feel of the product launch funnel pages we can also specify the color and font for the body text and others. We can change background color for navigation, body text and footer.

OptimizePress has another extraordinary feature called shortcode system. This will be very useful while setup sales page and squeeze page template. We can place call to action, bonus and testimonial boxes at any place of the template using the shortcode available in the OptimizePress.

OptimizePress also have the blog page templates for WordPress blogs. This is great if we have a blog attached to with our product launch site. The blog can be very useful for driving traffic from various traffic sources like search engine, social media and other referring sites to landing page of the sales funnel.

If we are using a blog to drive traffic to our squeeze page, sales page, launch page or membership site, we need to use the same look and feel for the blog as well as template pages. OptimizePress theme will give the same feel in both the places.

Why we need to Purchase OptimizePress Templates

There are many options for purchasing OptimizePress for our blog as well as product launches. It will be very useful for creating sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, etc. If you are in need of a great Sales Page, Squeeze Page, Membership site design or any of the things definitely we should buy OptimizePress WordPress theme.

OptimizePress Download

Because we can hire a designer to do the sales page work, squeeze page work and other product launch funnel setup needs few hundred or thousands of dollars. To reduce these costs we can simply buy OptimizePress for $97. We can use membership plugins like Wishlist Member or software like aMember for content protection in the membership site.


OptimizePress has special features including 19 squeeze page templates, 29 different sales page templates, templates to setup product launch funnel for internet marketers and affiliates also it have all the templates pages to create best membership site.

James the designer of OptimizePress has developed good support system with video tutorials for every single integration and setup in OptimizePress templates. The support is first class. I strongly recommend OptimizePress theme for the people those who would like to create membership site with WordPress.

If you are looking to create sales funnel to sell a product or setup squeeze pages to build a list, or create a membership site. First get OptimizePress product launch theme it is a cheapest product launch theme with necessary templates. This theme will allow users to create launch pages, sales letter, and extraordinary squeeze pages. Share your experience in comments section.

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