Create Membership Site in WordPress – Subscription Type Digital Product

by Suresh Karuppaiya

We know about fixed type digital product creation like ebook, software, videos and etc.  The eBook creation procedure explained here. But when it comes to subscription based digital product we will call this product as membership site setup.  I would recommend that every subscription based product creation must include creating a members area for the product.

WordPress is not only the amazing platform for blogging and building website. Its features evolved once we have placed to create membership websites in WordPress. Now a days membership site creation easy with WordPress membership plugins and softwares.

Based on our requirements inside the membership site we can use the WordPress membership plugins or WordPress membership site softwares. Wishlist member plugin is one of the best WordPress plugin for setup membership websites. Also aMember is the best WordPress membership software used widely in creating membership web sites.

Build Membership site Easy with Wishlist Member

We may feel building membership site is a tough task to complete. But it will be very easy with the best membership plugin. Here we have Wishlist member plugin to coverts the WordPress site into membership site with few steps.

When it comes to Wishlist member plugin there is no need to add any code to Create WordPress Membership Site for building the site designs. We can use OptimizePress WordPress theme to create all templates for membership sites and launching the subscription based product.

Wishlist Released newer version 2.7 with some added features like iContact Autoresponder, 2Checkout Shopping Cart, Custom Post Types etc. Download Wishlist member 2.7 now.

One of the best reason I would recommend Wishlist plugin for membership sites because of its video tutorials support. It has 30 Videos to explain everything about setting up membership site with Wishlist it makes the process to be easy.

Build Membership site with Wishlist

Build Membership site with Wishlist

Membership site setup contains the following important process.

  • Protect Membership Content
  • Manage Subscribers and deliver content
  • Payment method Integration
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Membership Registration Page setup
  • Test the Membership site functionality

 Protect Membership Content 

Content protection is the main process in membership site creation. Because we can create content for the member ship site in different type like images, text and video formats. So when we come to protect content we need to consider the media file protection.

Wishlist member protects all types of content securely and easily with simple tick mark.  Every membership sites has video support for its content so we need to protect video content inside the membership site. Wishlist member offer good role to protect third party hosted videos also.

Now Wishlist member new version can protect anything uploaded inside your WordPress membership site. We can protect Posts, Pages, Categories, comments, Text, image, audio, video files, or whole WordPress folders like wp-content, wp-uploads. So the content protection simple for each part of the WordPress site with Wishlist member.

For fixed type digital products content protection were easy but when we consider subscripting based products we need to deliver the content to the right time and right people. Right people mean we may have different levels of subscription like silver, platinum and gold.

Wishlist deals this part easy way to the content protection by its membership levels and contents delivery mechanisms. Protect all content in one place and deliver it to the corresponding membership levels can be easy with Wishlist member.

Manage Subscribers and Content delivery in membership area

Wishlist member has unlimited number of membership levels to manage and deliver content as well as subscribers. First thing based on our product description we need to isolate the different membership levels and its contents. Every membership site owner needs easy way to handle this situation.

For example we need 3 levels of subscription in the membership site. Each level having different subsection period, different types of content and different price rates for subscription. It can be easily don e with Wishlist member.

Content Delivery for Different Members

Content Delivery for Different Members

First we need to name the membership levels as silver, platinum and gold or some other else for the easy identification of the different subscription levels.  We need to setup proper after login pages for each level of the membership site. OptimizePress give different templates for membership sites.

Once the membership period has decided we need to update the period of subscription and membership expiration time. We need to upgrade the members for the next level once the member has paid for the second level of the subscription.

Manage subscriber levels

Managing subscriber levels were complex task in subscription based digital product setup. But Wishlist member makes it easy with the proper guidance of the video tutorials support. So we can manage subscribers in different levels easily. We can also setup error pages like wrong level entry and unsubscribed members area and other pages.

Content Delivery for membership levels

Some of the membership site needs to drip the content in the next stage of subscription. For this kind of situation we need a feature like enabling access for the old content to the new subscription area. Wishlist offers. One special type of upgrade called sequential upgrade.

Sequential upgrade automatically moves all the protected contents to the next level after the first levels subscription period ends. We can also have manual upgrade for this content drip.

Membership levels in wishlist

Membership levels in wishlist

Because of this sequential upgrade the subscription product creation simple with Wishlist member plugin. Once we have protected the content we need to grant access to the corresponding content for each levels of subscription. We can manage subscriber levels and subscription of content protection separately with Wishlist member.

Payment Method Integration in Membership site

Subscription based product creation is one of the good way to make recurring income in online. There are number of payment system offers subscription based payment gateway for the membership site setup.

Currently Wishlist integrates with Paypal, 1 Shopping cart, Clickbank, 2Check out, Infusion soft, Cydec, Premium web cart payment system.  The integration process for any payment systems can be done easily with Wishlist. We can use dome secret key for the integration process.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Wishlist member give the payment gateway integration either full or simple. The main difference between these two is the cancellation of membership for the cancelled payment by the subscribers. Full integration makes everything clear and automatic.

In case of simple integration we need to manually remove the membership if and cancellation of payment during the second level of subscription. Now Wishlist offers full integration with above mentioned payment systems.

The payment system needs to be offer subscription based payment for the single product. Some people may plane to do upsale for the product. We need to take care of our requirements before choosing the payment system for the membership site integration.

AutoResponders Integration in Membership site

Every membership site and product launch needs email autoresponder integration for following the subscribers and the instant response to the members of the product.

There are numerous email autoresponder systems available in online we can also use self hosted autoresponder systems for the membership site setup. aWeber, Mailchimp, Get Response, Autoresponder plus, Infusion soft and Interspire  are fully integrate with the Wishlist member plugin.

Autoresponder Setup with membership site

Autoresponder Setup with membership site

We need to create different list for different levels of membership in autoresponder systems. We can integrate each level with each list in the autoresponder systems. Email autoresponder integration clearly explained in the video tutorial of Wishlist member plugin.

Membership Registration Page Setup

The registration page of the membership site was important. Wishlist now offers customization options for the registration form. We can also add certain thing before and after the form location during the registration process.

We can setup registration page URL in payment system. Once payment has been made via payment system it will show the registration page of the corresponding membership level.

Some of the membership software allows the registration first and payment next model. But in case of Wishlist Member plugin the registration page shown immediately after the payment has made. Having the registration form before the payment step reduces the conversion rate.

So registration page after payment is a good model for more conversion on the sales funnel. OptimizePress is the best theme for the membership templates and product launch templates here we have different look and feel for the login page with help of OptimizePress.

We can also use different templates for content delivery pages. It also has sales and squeeze page templates for the product launch funnel setup.

To know more about Wishlist Member Plugin Check out here to setup the subscription based digital products.

Test the Membership site Functionality

Different modes of testing the functionality are important for the subscription based digital products. We need to test all membership levels and its content delivery.

The payment system integration tested by using the test card options provided. The test card details have been entered in the payment system check out the registration process for the corresponding payment.

May people have faced different problems during their product launch.  We can’t launch a product without problem. But we can reduce the problem 99.9% with help of testing the setup. Once we completed the configuration and integration part of the membership site.

Final testing the membership site

Final testing the membership site

We should test the integration functionality which gives confidence to launch the membership site without any fear or trouble. If you missed any part of integration which would be identified during the testing so we can easily troubleshoot the problems before launching the site.

It has four stages of testing the membership site as follows.

  • Email list collection using test mail
  • Payment testing Using Test card
  • Membership Level and content delivery test
  • Test the Customer support system

Once we have tested these four things then we can ready for the subscription based product launch.


The best example of subscription based product type is the Membership site setup. WordPress has lots of software and plugins to create membership websites. Wishlist member one among the famous membership site plugin in WordPress we may also have digital access pass, Magic members, s2Member and aMembers software.

Every membership site creation has the certain components like Protect Membership Content Manage Subscribers and delivers content by wihslist member plugin, Payment method Integration (best payment systems paypal or clickbank), Autoresponder integration –aWeber.

Membership Registration Page setup and Test the functionality of the membership site. OptimizePress is the good product launch WordPress theme to create various template pages during the setup of membership site.

We can’t launch a product without problem. But we can reduce the problem 99.9% with help of testing the membership site setup. So testing and support are the two major factors during the membership site launch. Share your experience in comments section.

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Bob Tolbert

Hi Suresh,

Loved your thorough review on Wishlist Member.

My team and I developed a sidebar registration form for free membership level that requires only email and username and has real time validation. It registers the user to the free membership level right after he clicks the “register” button.

This is the link to the plugin:

Would love to hear your thoughts regarding the plugin.



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